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January 06, 2022 3 min read

Meet the NEW machiavellian, magnificent and powerful Dark Elves!!!


Raging Heroes has been working on Dark Elves for a long time now and this release brings our Dark Elves to a new level.

We did our 1st Dark Elves army back in 2015. It was awesome. But still, there were things we weren't totally happy with. And there was also some stuff missing. With this new release, we think we’ve achieved something even more epic and we’re lining up our Dark Elves range with the vision we had.

This release is truly unique and that at the moment, there isn’t any other Dark Elves line available on the market as cool as this.


The haughty and magnificent Queen Malferiah

 Queen Malferiah is as dangerous as she’s beautiful.

Every part of her is a weapon, her wings chop assailants into pieces in a fraction of a second, and while she wears her spear like an accessory, she takes evil pleasure wielding it to pierce through hearts and skulls.

With her Machiavellian beauty, she uses her charm to hypnotise her enemies. Once their guard is lowered, she crushes them without mercy.

To top it all, she’s a master of dark magic, summoning the most gruesome spells to destroy her opponents.

Queen Malferiah is a cruel ruler and has imprinted her ruthlessness into her loyal Blood Seekers.

Meet the perfect warriors for your Dark Elves army: the Blood Seekers

Blood Seekers are the perfect warriors: they are relentless and fight until complete annihilation of their opponents.

These vicious killers thrive in inflicting pain and torture before slaughtering their enemies with their whips and blades.

Filled with rage, each battle always ends in total bloodshed.  

Sankuri the Arch Sorceress

Sankuri is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the Realm.
Her quest to gain more magical power is unquenchable.
Her magical powers are incredible and a single of her spell can defeat an entire army.
Sankuri takes great pleasure and pride knowing that her only presence instils fear.

Kraash the Dark Ranger

Kraash is wild and unpredictable. Fun and friendly, she can suddenly turn into a furious, blood thirsty berserk fighter, impossible to control.
That's why her commanding officers prefer to keep her away from the core of the fight and focus her fury on hard hitting solo missions.
When she finally emerges from the cover of her missions, her rage and determination encourage the Dark Elves army to be fearless.

New Lady Darkryss

Lady Darkryss is as fierce as she’s beautiful.
But don’t be fooled by her appearance as she’s deadly dangerous.
She’s an adept of magic and can use spell as easily as a sword to defeat her opponent.
Her loyal dragon, which rarely leaves her side, attacks on command from her Master.
The new 2021 version is even more fabulous: she's been entirely reworked and polished for a striking end result
Her scale is now 36 mm (previously 30 mm). 


King Kaelith

He’s famous for being inflexible and his cruelty.
King Kaelith doesn’t tolerate failure and he is as much feared by his enemies than by his own people.
As a King, he never backs down from a fight and thrives on the battlefield.

Lord Askarian

Lord Askarian is an astonishing warrior. 
He’s King Kaelith’s right hand and a trusted advisor when it comes to war tactics and battle plans.

Xiel-Ker, Sword Master

Xiel-Ker is a Sword Master. As the name suggests, he’s an expert at wielding a sword and his skills are unmatched in the entire Realm.
Xiel-Ker is a great fighter and countless heads have fallen under his beloved swords.
Get a LIMITED EDITION mini as a GIFT* 
*limited stock available


Lulu Selphea and Lulu Darkryss are not available to purchase on the webstore and the ONLY WAY to get one* is to place an order over 99€
or get both of them when you place an order over 150€!!!
So treat yourself and go on a shopping spree!!!!

Scale information
In the last few years, the scale of wargame miniatures has grown bigger. Our new models reflect that and are compatible with the new industry standards, which tend to be around 35 mm scale. Of course, that means that models from different “generations” are not exactly all at the same scale. So there are size discrepancies within each manufacturer’s product line, as everybody is updating/renewing their ranges. So newer models may be a bit bigger than older miniatures. However, once on the table this is not an issue. In the end, this probably mirrors more accurately the size differences between humans in real life.



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