January 2022 Release: Empire of the Eastern Suns - Raging Heroes

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January 01, 2022 2 min read

Travel to the Land of the Rising Sun 🌅

The latest release from Heroes Infinite by Raging Heroes is Empires of the Eastern Suns

Available to Download, Print, Paint, and Play!

January 2022 release focuses mostly on Japanese mythology.

Kitsunes were a big ask of yours so we made this very beautiful Kitsune woman and her giant Kitsune Fox. Or is it the same character transforming from human shape to animal shape? This is for you to decide.

Of course we needed someOnis andNinjas. And you also asked forKirins,Foo Lions andDragons.
How could we cram all this sculpting work in the time we have to make a single release?
Honestly I don’t know how we did it, but it worked!

Have you seen these Foo Lions riding Samuraïs? What a super cool unit!
Since most of the characters and troops range from the somewhat mysterious to the totally grim, I also wanted to add some sort of comic relief, or at least let’s say a lighter touch. I took inspiration from Dragon Ball Z and that’s how I came up with the Old Master riding his Turtle.

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Leader & Overlord Tier

JANUARY 2022 collection brings with it one of the largest number of miniatures
available in the market with subscriptions from just $10.

Each model features an array of exquisite details for a striking end result.

The Overlord Tier also includes amazing units of troops, modular terrain and a tier exclusive miniature for just a $6 add-on! Enough models fill out an entire army or a full RPG adventure for less than the price of a single physical miniature! 

Plus on HeroesInfinite.com, our subscribers get exclusive access to a Limited Edition of Azuki Kitsune in fox shape at the Leader tier and Limited Edition of the Empress Satsuka on Celestial Palanquin, Foo Lions and Kazuma Kirin at the Overlord Tier.

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