An Irresistibly Vampiric Invite - Raging Heroes

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February 04, 2021 1 min read

Reveliah, Queen of Darkness, Cordially invites you to the most decadent, dark and majestic...

Dance with the Vampires


Join the arrogantly superior and disdainful Vampires at their masquerade ball this February over on Heroes Infinite Patreon.

Just $10/month gives you access to a monthly themed release of beautifully intricate and unique miniatures ready to be printed by you, at home.

Following feedback from our amazing community this month focuses on the devious, decadent, and devious society of noble Vampires.

Adventure into this nocturnal world and meet our revelry of characters. 

Levinda the Fighting Huntress, keeping her past a well hidden secret as she stalks the night. Some say she is just a common thief, others that she is Vampire assassin, some even say she is a vampire herself. 


Melankior, a dark and twisted minstrel, plays his role of as the dance of death's minstrel with delight, the embodiment of a chaotic evil bard.


We had many calls for non-human vampires, so in this collection you can find curious characters and creatures of all types including the nefarious Cardinal Blasphemius' troop of Unholy Sycophant Blood Ghouls and the Lascivious Blood Cats


Join our amazing Patreon community today and download this months collection and help shape future releases.

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