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A Delay To Meet Our Own High Standards

February 05, 2021 1 min read

A Delay To Meet Our Own High Standards

Unfortunately today's planned release of the re-sculpted Angels has been delayed

During product testing earlier in the week our team discovered in issue with some of the new Angel wings and assembling the model.

After further discussions with the sculpting team we decided the fix would take a little time and so, to ensure that our high standards are always met, the release had to be delayed until we can confidently resolve the problem.

Its frustrating that we have had to delay the release, but we would much rather do this than produce something that doesn't blow your socks off with awesomeness.

In The Meantime...

It makes sense to extend the sale on the current versions of the All-Star Angels!

Grab ALL 10 All-Star Angels with their biggest ever discount!


All 10 Angel All-Starts

Now just €64.95 EUR until this Friday only!

Looking for even bigger discounts on more Sisters of the Orphanage?

Check out this week's blog with details on epic discounts for epic army packs! Perfect for any size force!



Keep an eye on our website with updates over the coming weeks and a new release date when the Angels are ready to go.


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