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The TGG Kickstarter Army Structure

May 28, 2013 4 min read

Edit June 4th: The Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

To help you prepare for the launch of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy (TGG) Kickstarter, we thought that you would like to have you some information about how the pledges and, consequently, about how the armies are going to be structured.

To provide you with maximum flexibility, we have divided the TGG minis in three different groups: Heroines, Troops, and Support (see details below). You will be able to pick and choose your preferred ones, provided that they have been unlocked... 


You have already seen several of them in the images we have been sharing with you. They are high-ranking officers, or exceptional soldiers that will spice up your game as well as your painting cabinet.
There are now over 30 heroines planned, from all 3 factions: the Jailbird Division, the Kurganova Shock Troops, the Iron Empire.

And in case you're still wondering what got us started on the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, check out the Kurganova sisters...


They form the backbone of the army.
There are two types: the Regular Troops and the Heavy Troops.

The Regular Troops come in 2 different boxes of 5 multi-part miniatures, a Troops Box and a Command Group (CG) box, for a total of 10 different miniatures.
All parts are swappable with ball-joint assembly, allowing for infinite customisation.
The Command Group box contains additional parts to transform 3 of the soldiers into one low-ranking officer and two heavy weapons specialists as needed.

The exact same setup applies to the Heavy Troops: 2 boxes of 5 different minis, all different, all with swappable parts, and with additional parts for the CG box.


This category contains all the other types of specialized troops, like artillery, sniper units, motorcycles, mechas, ...

We know that you care about diversity in your army, so we are making sure that all the sculpts of all three armies are different from one another. There are no duplicates in any of the boxes.

In addition, aside from the snipers that have too complex posing, all troops and support will be multi-parts, and all parts will be swappable with a ball-joint assembly system allowing for infinite customisation.


Here are a couple of questions we got on FB, with our answers:

One question or rather a couple of related questions. Will the troops have interchangeable heads or come with the head molded on? Same question for the heroes. If the heads are interchangeable, will you be offering head packs, that way I could have 2 of the same unit but one group with helmets one without, one withe some rambette heads, etc... I really like the iron girls because there is some crossover to use them in fantasy or steam punk games.
→ At the KS launch, the troops and characters will only have one head per sculpt. But as stretch goals are unlocked, we'll add UPGRADE PACKS to BOTH heroines and troops you'll have pledged for. Almost everything in the KS will be eligible for this type of upgrade!

When pledging how open will our choice of items be? For example, Mantic is currently running a Kickstarter that looks awesome, with each faction having a starter set with figures of similar size and equal number in the base starters. I would have backed heavily, but of the two factions I was interested in I had to bid several pledge levels to get the Rebel starter as a reward choice, while the other faction I liked was available as a choice for the lower pledge levels. It felt like I had to pay more to he minis that, I assume, will be of the same cost when they go to retail after the Kickstarter. For your KS, will things be of equal pledge value in the same groupings? If you had a pledge level where you got, say, an infantry squad, would the infantry squad from each faction be available at pledge level X, rather than., say you can have your choice of an infantry squad from one of two factions at dollar value X, but you can only get the infantry squad for the third faction with a pledge of dollar value Y?
→ Well, actually, we do favour as much flexibility as possible, so we are not going the Mantic route. In fact, the complete flexibility of our system is what made Kickstarter ask us to change it. So we've complied, but we were able to maintain a LOT of the initial flexibility in the system.


Our Raging Heralds project has now been launched, and we are in the process of contacting all who applied to personally thank them and let them know what the next step is.

We've set up a new page especially for the Kickstarter Drop Ship Programme, and we've added France, Belgium, Poland and more since our last update!


Well, as you know, to make this work, we need YOU!
A smart reader suggested that we provide banners to help spread the word on the Kurganova Shock Troops Kickstarter. So, DONE!
You can grab the banner below and link it to this Kickstarter page ( we've set up (until the Kickstarter is actually live).
You can put it on your blog, or as your signature in forum posts, or anywhere else you can think of...

Or the French version:


We've mentioned it before, but may we also strongly suggest that you ask us (Asharah Raging) as a friend on Facebook, (for communication purposes, "Friending" Asharah is more effective than "Liking" the Raging Heroes page). At this point in time, Facebook is probably the best way to get real time info on what's going on with our Kickstarter and other projects.
Asharah Raging is already up 1200+ Friends since we've started communicating on this!
You can also follow us on Twitter. We're not very effective Twitterers yet, (but working on it); and all our Facebook posts do get an automatic Twitter update.

PS/ Want to make sure you know when we get started? Just sign up for our newsletter.
Want to help out? Please leave a comment below - just remember to use your actual email address so we can contact you (don't worry, it won't be visible online).

To make this happen, PLEASE, PLEASE, SPREAD THE WORD!

And a big heartfelt THANK YOU to those who already are!!!

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