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March 02, 2016 4 min read

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock and somehow managed to miss the chance to get a great deal on some of the most incredible proxy minis on the planet, here's your reminder!

Not only have we got a storewide 10% Discount Code: RHwinter10

We’ve also got 5 Limited Edition deal packs which save you up to 26% off! (when combined with 10% off Discount Code)

Offer only available until midnight today though, so get shopping!

The packs include:


Most of the equipment the Jailbirds use is scavenged from the battlefield or looted during raids on enemy caches and stores. But when it comes to bikes, the Jailbirds trust no one but themselves! Over time, they've developed their own highly customised models, with each one carefully set up for its owner.

These amazing machines tend to be pretty wild on the battlefield. With the biker girls blazing down an enemy's flanks leaving havoc and chaos in their wake, they distract their foes just long enough for the heavily armed trikes to roll up and mow down anyone left standing!

SAVE OVER 22%when you add 10% discount code RHwinter10

→ Pack Contains: 8 minis - inc. 6 Bikes and 2 Trikes!

Fast Support:
  • 1 x Box of 3 Bikes (inc. 3 different riders, 6 different heads and 6 different arms)
  • 1 x Box of 3 Bikes (inc. 3 different riders, 6 different heads and 6 different arms)
Heavy Support:
  • 1 x Jailbird Combat Trikes inc. 2 different riders
  • 1 x Jailbird Combat Trikes inc. 2 different riders

NOTE that all rider's heads and arms use the same customisable ball-joint assembly system as the other TGG minis (e.g. troops, bikers, etc.) so with these packs you can easily create a highly customised unique biker gang for your army!


The Yaga Soul Weavers are a cast of sorceresses who can bend the primal forces of nature to their will, powers which are often amplified by cybernetic enhancements. Among other uses, this power can be used to unleash the power of the 'were' gene, turning their fellow Kurganova into savagely powerful were beasts!

On the battlefield, the Yaga Soul Weavers often work as a team, or summoning pack, with each of them serving as an amplifier of the shamanic forces, adding even more power to their raging sisters!

These furious packs are a stark contrast to the traditionally rigid and disciplined Kurganova troops, with many a surprised enemy unit finding their squad mates being furiously torn apart before they even know what's hit them!

SAVE OVER 21%when you add 10% discount code RHwinter10
→ Pack Contains: 8 minis - inc. 4 HUGE Wereshewolves!

HQ / Command Squad:
  • Baba Yaga, Soul-Weaver Matriarch
  • Arushka, Yaga Soul-Weaver
  • Sashenka, Yaga Soul-Weaver
  • Tarja, Yaga Soul-Weaver
Wolf Pack:
  • Wereshewolf Reyha
  • Wereshewolf Sheera
  • Wereshewolf Vankaree
  • Wereshewolf Zagrath


While the Iron Empire's more traditional commanders don't approve of Lady Hilda von Stroheim's maverick command style, none of them can deny she gets results!

Von Stroheim has a well earned reputation as an officer whose creative tactics have succeeded, where many would have failed. She attributes this success to the way she hand-picks her forces, ensuring each trooper is a perfect fit, and places their squad mates' well-being before any personal glory.

When asked about this practice, she simply says "Iron sharpens iron".

SAVE OVER 26%when you add 10% discount code RHwinter10
→ Pack Contains: 27 minis - inc. 2 Mechas!

HQ / Command Squad:
  • 2 x Iron Empire Mechas


While the Iron Empire's use of Aegyptian cyber necromancy gives them access to some truly terrifying tech, they still rely heavily on their regular troops to get the job done on the battlefield, the mainstay of which are the Reapers.

Fighting in such close proximity to necromantic tech has hardened the will of the Iron Empire troops, giving many of them a grim resolve even in the face of certain death

SAVE OVER 23%when you add 10% discount code RHwinter10
→ Pack Contains: 18 minis - inc. 3 War Bikes!

Elite Support:
  • Iron Empire Sniper Unit (3 models)
Fast Support:
  • Iron Empire Warbike 1
  • Iron Empire Warbike 2
  • Iron Empire Warbike 3


Aleksandr Kurganov is deeply loved by the people of the Kurgan nation, both for his courage and integrity which have always stood in contrast to the corrupt and greedy Kurgan high society and political milieu. 

In addition to being a man of the people, Aleksandr is dedicated family man, utterly devoted to his 3 daughters, Olga, Ivanka and Malinka, and his wife, the supreme ruler of the Kurgans.

Universally praised as a military genius, Aleksandr outdoes himself when working in conjunction with his three daughters. Together, they have devised some truly legendary strategies, leading Kurganov troops to many of their most glorious victories!

SAVE OVER 22%when you add 10% discount code RHwinter10
→ Pack Contains: 14 minis

HQ / Command Squad:

 Happy gaming,

Jon Simpson

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