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March 03, 2016 2 min read

It’s time to announce the first winner! Sorry we're a bit late with this, but we had tons of absolutely awesome ideas, proving once again that we have the best community in the world :-)

We truly wish we could give you all some minis and we loved seeing all your comments, but alas, we could only pick one winner each day, so we've had some tough choices to make.

To narrow the entries down our team each picked their personal favourites and the winners were then randomly selected from these. I know I'm a bit biased, but I believe our minis are the finest 28mm proxies on the planet, so it’s great to know so many of you do too and even better that you've found homes for them in such a wide range of games!

Right, this isn't the Oscars, enough with the talking and just get on with it!

:drum roll:

First up was Lieutenant Parker who's dynamic pose made her a popular leader proxy.

The finalists in this category were...

Anthony Thurling who said:

Lt Parker will be a fantastic Head Coach for my Bloodbowl humies >:) to victory !

This isn't something we'd dreamed of using her for, but now you mention it... who better to have on the sidelines bellowing at the players and offering "motivational" advice!

Siggi, with:

This model right here is the leader my Necromunda Jailbird gang needs. Made from pure awesome and rock and roll

We got a lot of Necromunda suggestions, but we thought Siggi's comment about Parker being "made from pure awesome and rock and roll" just summed the miniature up perfectly.

Next up was Ech:

COLONEL STRAKEN'S BETTER HALF - Some think that Iron Hand Straken's better half is the cyborg part. NO! From this day form it shall be Mrs Iron Hand Straken - aka Lieutenant Parker. Together into battle they shall stride a perfect advertisement for harmonious marriage in the Grimdark future.

If the winner had been picked on comedy value, this one did it for us! A great Warhammer 40,000 proxy idea and also nice to see that even in the grimdark far future, people can still find their half-human, half-machine soul mates. 

And the WINNER is... Numanoid with:

She would make a great alternate Sarah Connor for my Terminator resistance faction! :-)

As a part of our Jailbirds faction, Lieutenant Parker is from a group of bad ass commando style units who specialise in "acquiring" enemy equipment for their own purposes. So their rag tag, but ready for action, appearance is certainly a great fit for use as a Terminator proxy, or indeed any setting where humanity is down... but not out!

Congratulations Numanoid!
Start the fireworks!
What do you mean we don't have fireworks?!?
Sorry about this folks... e
rr, right... we'll make sure we get some massive ones sorted for tomorrow!

Thank you again for all the entries, you are truly an amazing bunch.

Tune in tomorrow for the next winner!

Happy gaming,

Jon Simpson

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