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Tasty TGG Kickstarter news + Alternate Drop Ship Programme

April 27, 2013 5 min read

As the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy Kickstarter launch is almost upon us, today we share news about our planned shipping programme, and about how many new sculpts you can expect.
And because every good post deserves an image, here's a day in the life here at the studio.
Yes, with barred windows, too...
Read on below!

NEW: Alternative Raging Heroes Kickstarter Drop Ship Programme

OK, so no, we haven't launched yet, but we work and breathe KS non-stop (really, we've even had dreams about it…). And one thing that focussed our attention earlier this week is regarding shipping dates.

Delivery dates are a big concern on many a Kickstarter. Even more so, KS with long delivery schedules tend to penalise the people who've pledged the most, as they're usually the ones who have to wait the longest for all the items they pledged for to be ready to ship.
We think that this is hardly fair to pledgers, and it also does nothing to enhance a manufacturer's reputation.

Furthermore, one of the side effect of a Kickstarter is that resellers feel pretty much left out of the process.
So we thought about how a solution which would benefit everybody: you, Raging Heroes, and the retailers too! We discussed it with several of our resellers, and one of the best proposal that emerged is to offer pledgers the opportunity to come directly to their store to pick up their Raging Heroes Kickstarter items.

This has several benefits:

 • By doing so, we can spread out the shipments over several deliveries to the shops.
 So you get your hands on parts of your pledge rewards as soon as they become available. 

 • And since picking up a pledge ought to be a festive event, we are working on a way that those pledge pick-up times coincide with a special event at the shop, for which you'd gain access to a special Limited Edition Raging Heroes item, under certain conditions. Details are still being worked out on this one, we're getting helpful input from retailers to help make this good for everyone!

 • So, this means that you will pay the same amount of shipping fees regardless of whether you're shipped to your location or to a shop. But if you eventually choose a shop pick-up, then we'll break out your pledge rewards in several waves so that you can get your hands on your pledge items as they become available.


Then talk to your local shop and see if there's an interest in joining in (or in finding out what's in it for them). If that's the case, send them over to fill out this form and we'll get the ball rolling, or just have them send us a quick email and we'll be in touch with them.

Note 1: We're still working out the details for this programme, so there may be a few details still missing. We will keep you a advised as we progress. Please note that the shop does not have to be a Raging Heroes reseller yet to participate in this programme. New drop ship locations welcome!

Note 2: If you are a retailer and want to talk about this further or perhaps have some ideas about this, please do drop us a note!

Note 3: Programme already includes shops from Australia, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States... 
See the complete list here.

HOW MANY Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are we sculpting???

As mentioned earlier, the delay created by the administrative hurdles was a very good opportunity for us to examine how we wanted to run this KS. We've seem many people in the last few months, manufacturers and pledgers alike, having somewhat of a hard time with the process.

So we deliberately decided to take the slower approach to our first KS project. And as you can see from the above delivery programme, we are trying hard to think of everything before the launch.

We've also been making tremendous advances in our workflow. And this means several things.

For this KS, we have planned to produce over 150 new sculpts if the Kickstarter goes to its highest point. This means a bit over 20 heroes/special characters, and a tad over 20 unit boxes.

This is really a tremendous amount of work, as you can imagine. At this point in time, most of our hero characters are sculpted, several units are completed, and the rest of the troops will all be finished by the end of the Kickstarter.

To achieve this, we have developed very specific working methods and enrolled several new extremely talented freelance sculptors. And we are happy to say that we are now sticking very closely to our sculpting schedule! Ultimately, 80% of the sculpts we'll be done by the end of the Kickstarter, and the rest (mainly hero characters) will be done the following month.

When we started this project, we envisioned the "Rambettes" as being a Special Ops Penitential Unit under the command of the much more regular and organised Kurganovas' army. However, working on them, we realised that it would not take so much extra work to make them usable as a full-fledged force. And so the project grew. And grew.

Ultimately, this means that you will now have access to three different forces:
 • The Jailbird Division (a.k.a. the Rambettes)
 • The Kurganova Shock Troops
 • The Iron Empire (our cyber-Prussian style soldiers) - although we'll likely change their name…

Comments? Questions? We're listening…

And if you want to know what got us started on the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy, check out the Kurganova sisters...

Oh, and do check out our new Tumblr, which features stuff we like, inspiration for what we do, and more... Enjoy! 


Well, as you know, to make this work, we need YOU!
A smart reader suggested that we provide banners to help spread the word on the Kurganova Shock Troops Kickstarter. So, DONE!
You can grab the banner below and link it to this Kickstarter page (https://www.ragingheroes.com/pages/kickstarter-news) we've set up (until the Kickstarter is actually live).
You can put it on your blog, or as your signature in forum posts, or anywhere else you can think of...

Or the French version:

→ Oh, and in case you haven't yet done so... please FRIEND US!

We've mentioned it before, but may we also strongly suggest that you ask us (Asharah Raging) as a friend on Facebook, (for communication purposes, "Friending" Asharah is more effective than "Liking" the Raging Heroes page). At this point in time, Facebook is probably the best way to get real time info on what's going on with our Kickstarter and other projects.
Asharah Raging is already up 420+ Friends since we've started communicating on this!
You can also follow us on Twitter. We're not very effective Twitterers yet, (but working on it); and all our Facebook posts do get an automatic Twitter update.

PS/ Want to make sure you know when we get started? Just sign up for our newsletter.
Want to help out? Please leave a comment below - just remember to use your actual email address so we can contact you (don't worry, it won't be visible online).

To make this happen, PLEASE, PLEASE, SPREAD THE WORD!

And a big heartfelt THANK YOU to those who already are!!!

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