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Mounted Brunhilde WIP with survey

February 23, 2013 1 min read

Brunhilde von Königsmark mounted

--> Edit 3/16/2013: Now on pre-order! <--

We've wanted to create a horse-ridden character for a very long time. But we refrained from doing so because it is not easy to achieve such a character at a reasonable cost. For that reason, we tried to make something that could really stand out. This is why we chose the very popular Brunhilde von Königsmark and we decided to have her carry a very large and exceptional banner.

While we are putting the finishing touches on this mini, we wanted to get your feedback on her options: either we only release her with the banner, or we also release an alternative version with a large shield. We cannot put both options in the same box, because the additional cost would increase the price unnecessarily.

So which one would you purchase: With a banner? With a shield? Both? Neither? Something else?
Have an opinion? We're listening! Just fill out the quick poll below.
Thanks in advance!

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