Raging Contest DAY 2/14: Win Heleria Drakenfeld, Regulatrix (IE)

Raging Contest DAY 2/14: Enter for a chance to win Heleria Drakenfeld, Regulatrix (IE) bit.ly/Heleria

OK, we changed the way this contest is running: to enter, CLICK on the link bit.ly/Heleria, then click on the REVIEW Tab and enter a Comment where you tell us which unit and game you'd use her in.

Can't wait for her? Buy her now with 15% off until Jan 20th, AND if you win, you’ll get a store credit for double her value! Yes, double! You can also enter yesterday's contest, which began on Facebook but continues here: bit.ly/LtParker

Winner will be selected in the week of Feb. 8, 2016.
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