TGG2 Update #34 – First Monsters and Machine sculpts - Raging Heroes

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January 19, 2016 7 min read 2 Comments

Welcome to Update #34 for the TGG2: Light & Darkness Kickstarter campaign!
(You can still Pledge on our special page, but hurry, there's little time left).

Here is the full Update we promised you in Update #33. It should have come out yesterday, but when you'll see how many images there are, you'll understand the delay, which also came with a bonus: we received this morning the Daughters of the Orphanage 3D prints, and so we made a quick unboxing video just for you :)

Below you'll find new sculpts, information about the status of the Manticore, preliminary info about the Pledge Manager, and a special sweet deal on our latest releases in our shop.

New Sculpts!

Here are the first 6 Death Dancers. There will be 4 more to come to make a full unit. As you can imagine, with their super complex anatomy and posing, the Death Dancers won't be multiparts kit made for mix and match, unless you do a bit of conversions with them, which should be pretty fun should you feel so inclined.

Shiveryah SF

Here is one of your favorites in a scifi version. We hope you like her, we find her pretty cool :)

Xezyrhria (Worm Heroine) SF + fantasy
Ok, the Lust Elves Worm Cavalry will be quite something, we're pretty sure about that! Here is their leader, looking as cool as she is deadly. Alex, our concept artist, has really done fabulous work on these worm creatures and we can't wait to see the whole unit sculpted.
Here is the fantasy version:

and here is the SciFi Version

Reyallia SF + Fantasy

Reyallia was one of the first sculpts we worked on while preparing the launch of TGG2. But we felt that the version showcased during the Kickstarer campaign was not complete, so we reworked her quite thoroughly and here she is.
First, the Fantasy version:

... and the SciFi one:

Asharah Scifi and Fantasy
So, this is the third incarnation of our beloved Asharah, the nasty girl who was the very first Raging Heroes miniature. We have slightly altered the concept's pose that you've seen during the Kickstarter as the sword above her head looked cool in the 2d artwork but was overshadowing her pretty face, which would have been unfortunate.
Here is the fantasy one:

... and the Sci Fi one

Exruciatrix Fantasy and SciFi
Floating above the battlefield, Mistress Slithiss, the Excruciatrix, is a terrifying sight. When she appears, it is the signal to run for cover as the Lust Eves forces are in a flesh harvesting mood...

the SciFi version:

Draahk Chariot
What can we say ? That they ride like the wind ? Well, they surely do... Move out, puny pedestrian!

 Asharah on Pegasus

if you've followed Raging Heroes for a long time, you know that this project has been in the works for ages. From the start, Asharah's Pegasus has been planned as an over-the-top piece inspired by the great equine statues of demented-looking horses from the 19th century. We are very happy to finally present a finished version of this sculpt!

Syl-Yarath, The Spider Mother 

This is definitely a miniature that the foundry will hate us for! So many legs and spikes and parts... But the hive queen of the Lust Elves will make a smashing centrepiece on your gaming table! If you are familiar with our non-Kickstarter range, and if you have read Syl-Iriah's story, you may have guessed that the Spider Mother is the negative aspect of Syl-Iriah, her dark, winter form. By the way, the gapping maw below her torso is not something she uses to devour her preys but to weaves flesh out of her own body to create a trail of mindless warriors.

What's up with the Manticore?

--- important information ---
As you probably remember, the Manticore was not unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign. But as it is such a big favorite of our range, it was a bit sad to miss the opportunity of releasing an updated version.

At the same time, and as much as we would like to output all the cool and crazy things that fill up our heads, we have to stay realistic and not loose track of development costs and the budget side of thing. Even if this new version of the Manticore was not made from scratch, the hours spent cleaning the old sculpt, correcting technical problems in the sculpt, completely re-cutting the sculpt for better casting, re-printing such a massive piece, then creating completely new spincast moulds, well, all of this ends up pretty close to creating a new kit from scratch.

Especially on such a big piece, we could not say “OK, this is a bonus unlock” :( But at the same time, while we cannot bring you the Manticore with the high Kickstarter discount, we still wanted to do something special for you.

And so, we are going to release the Manticore in our webshop at a special pre-order price. This pricing will be valid for a very limited time BUT when we open the pledge manager, you will be able to get the manticore at the same pre-order pricing. It will not be the Kickstarter discount but it will be a fairly good one. This means that you will be able to either get the Manticore next month in our webshop at pre-order pricing and have it delivered to you fairly quickly, or wait just a few more weeks for the pledge manager to open and add it to your selection, still at pre-order pricing and so, save on shipping fees as you combine it to your KS selection.

Unboxing the New 3D Prints

Below, you'll find photos of several 3D prints, as well as a few primed submasters sent from the foundry.

But before this, it's in the end a good thing that this Update was delayed because this morning, we received a bunch of new 3D prints, and so we decided to open up the box in front of you all! Here’s the video:

And now, here are some photos of 3D prints we received earlier. First, the ArchPapess...


 ... together with her very own Minions:

Lovely Zailith:

 And Tobias, one of the Sisters' mascots:

Here's are 3 riders for the gorgeous Stingrays:

And parts of the Draahk riders, too.

Below are several primed resin test casts:

Pledge Manager 

The Pledge Manager is the tool that will allow you to select the minis that you want. Now that a good amount of Heroines have been produced, as well as the Freebies and a few others too, we are going to begin setting up the Pledge Manager.

We always wait as long as we can to launch the Pledge Manager, so that you can make your choice based on sculpts rather than on concepts.

And you will be able to add to your Pledge if you want more minis than you had originally budgeted for.

The goal is to be able to ship a first Wave of minis sometime in March. But this is not yet a firm date, as many factors come into play.

You will probably have many questions. I don’t have all the answers at this point in time, because we need to actually go through the process before we have all the answers, but here are a few:

How will the Pledge Manager work?We intend it to work pretty much like a shop, where you will have your KS pledge transformed into a Store Credit to spend. If you overspend, you’ll be able to pay for the difference with Paypal or a credit card.

How much will Shipping be?Shipping prices this time will be weight-based, so small shipments will pay less. The good news is that we have secured partnerships that are helping us keep our costs down. Expect to pay anywhere between 5 and 20 dollars, in most cases.

Will I be able to get my stuff in more than one shipment?Yes, that’s the plan. Basically, our goal is that you are the one who will tell us when you want to receive your minis and, as long as they are shippable, we will ship them to you immediately. The details are still being worked on, but it looks like we’ll be able to do it this way. If for some reason it is not workable, you’ll still be able to get it in more than one shipment if you so do wish. Again, our hope is that with the drop in the price of shipping, you’ll be able to get TGG2 minis in more than one shipment, and thus have the first ones of them in hand quickly.

Are there are going to be Drop Ship Stores, like we had in TGG1?I’m not sure. Because the price of shipping has dropped and is now weight-based, it may come to the same amount for you to receive your shipments directly rather than you having to go to a Drop Ship Store to collect it. But at the same time, we know that some of you very much enjoy this, and so do many of the stores. So this question is still open.

I’ll have more info on the pledge Manager later in February, most likely with the next Update.

→ SAVE on NEW TGG1 releases

Check out the latest releases of the TGG1. Until the 20th, you can save 15% on those with the Discount Code PREORDER&NEW.

After that, and until Jan 30th, save 10% on the entire NEW collection with the Discount Code NEWcollection10.

The latest releases include

KST (Kurganova Shock Troops) 


  • Raven, The Chainbreaker (JB) 
  • Tania Tanker, Tank Specialist (JB) 
  • Punky, Army Standard (JB) 
  • Lieutenant Parker (JB) 
  • Foxy Dynamite, Infiltration Specialist (JB)
  • Ash, Tank Gunner (JB)

Iron Empire 

  • The Iron Empire Heavy Troops, now called Iron Storm - Troops and Iron Storm - Command 
  • Heleria Drakenfeld, Regulatrix (IE) 
  • Arthemisia Rozenkrantz, Strategist (IE) 
  • Doctor von X, Field Medic (IE)

And you can even get the Daughters of the Crucible Beer Mats, either by purchasing them, or as a gift when you add over 49€ to your cart!

And check out the Deals section too, where the latest releases are combined for even better discounts!

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May 10, 2016

These are some of the highest-quality sculpts I’ve seen since I started with Warhammer back in the day… There are others close-ish to the GW kit, but these are another level.

Thank you for showing me that there are still people out there who are doing incredible things, and I look forward to adding to the collection with some truly bitchin’ proxies :D

Darren Hay
Darren Hay

April 13, 2016

This stuff is gorgeous! Wish we here at the Battlehammer could get our hands on these and film/write a review! Please keep up the amazing work!

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