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Kickstarter coming...

January 26, 2013 5 min read

Edit June 4th: The Kickstarter is LIVE!! Click here!!

A wonderful New Year

First of all we wanted to give you our best wishes for 2013!
May this New Year be full of victories, striking colors and supple brushes, and a lot of pleasure in your hobby.

2013 should be a very big year for Raging Heroes, and we're very excited about what we'll share with you this year.

So today is the time for big announcements. It's also the time to share more info on previous projects that have not yet come to fruition... (more on this below)

Our apologies for quite a long post :)

Kickstarter, baby!!!

We cannot say how many messages we've received this year asking us if we would do a Kickstarter soon. The truth is that we've been working on that since around last May.

The massive success of our Blood Vestals convinced us that is was now time to develop a big project for crowd funding, and so we started conceptualizing, designing and sculpting like crazy.

Thanks to all this work, 3 projects came out as potential winners. This was not the initial plan: we were just aiming for one project, but one thing led to another and we now have 3 projects that are ready to go to production, with tons of concepts and sculpts!

But patience being the mother of all virtues, let's go one step at a time and introduce you to the first one out of the gate...

The Kurganovas' shock troops

Imagine a movie directed by Tarantino in which a band of female warriors/soldiers are drafted from all the prisons and hellholes of the galaxy, and are then led by our very own Kurganova sisters.
Imagine a bunch of punk-ass big-mouth bad girls, kind of like a mix between Aliens' Vasquez, Tank Girl, and Planet Terror's Cherry Darling, and you get an army of psyched Rambo girls – we like to call them "the Rambettes" - that you would not want to approach if you care for your life.

So, yes, you can expect a FULL army of them, with LOTS of characters.
We'll divulge more info on this Kickstarter in the next coming days.

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Want to help out? Please leave a comment below - just remember to use your actual email address so we can contact you (don't worry, it won't be visible online).

And as always, we want to hear your feedback and suggestions, especially regarding the type of characters, units and light vehicles you would want us to produce.
(Also, we're in the process of setting up some sort of forum to help with these interactions. If you want to help with that, or with moderation, again, please leave us a comment below...)

The Sisters of Eternal Mercy

If you happen to have thoroughly combed through the Raging Heroes' blog, you might remember The Orphanage of the Sisters of Eternal Mercy, a very early project of ours.

Well, the Sisters are about to see the light. We've been working on a futuristic Paladin Sisterhood army for quite some time now and we have a lot of stuff tucked away for this.

We're not releasing anything yet, to avoid confusion with the first Kickstarter project described above. However, we would very much like to get your input on this project, so don't hesitate to write us with your suggestions.
(Again, a forum will soon be set up to help with these interactions).
This project is likely to become another Kickstarter.

The Dark Elves invasion

Before Christmas, we said that we would have a big announcement for the Dark Elves players.

Well, if you read until now, you've probably guessed what's going on:
     we have a full Dark Elves ARMY in the works...
     ...a LOT of which having already been done...

However, as for the Sisterhood, we'll have to hold off a bit on their release, because the “Rambettes" Kickstarter is demanding all of our attention right now.
But don't let that prevent you from contacting us about this project, sharing your thoughts and sending us your wants for this project that might also become a Kickstarter.
We hope to post some concept images of what's to come in the next few days.

Forum/Facebook Groups...

Because of these big projects and the level of interaction and input we want to create, we think that either a forum, or one or several Facebook groups, could facilitate exchanges, brainstorming and communications.

We are still examining our options regarding the best possible set-up for this. More to come very soon. In the meantime, you can of course drop us a note or catch up with us on Facebook, or leave a comment below - please use your actual email address so we can contact you, and don't worry, it won't be visible online - if you want to help with that, or with moderation...)…

What happened to our other projects?

In the past year, we shared some of our plans for several upcoming releases. But many of them never made it to market. We thought you'd like a follow-up on this.
So, what's happened with our 7-Sins project, with our big monsters (dragon, phoenix, etc.), and with the damned and doomed Akzeltolt?
Well, in a simple rude phrase that we don't much like : lack of profitability.
Ouch, we've said it.
They're tough choices to make, but in the end, we do have to pay the rent every month :-(

And that's why, for now, we are focusing on our female miniatures because you seem to like them quite a bit, and you're finding many ways of including them in your games.
So you can expect to see many more of these in the next few months, in both Fantasy and SciFi.
(And if you want something specific in the female category, we are listening !)

But yes, the harsh reality has a way of getting in the way of some exciting projects that can't see the light of day as soon as we'd have liked.
For example, a miniature like Gluttony was a LOT of work to develop, to sculpt and to bring to life. And in the end, sales were not what we'd expected. Legendary Gluttony is a truly amazing miniature, in our opinion probably the best we've ever created.
But it is also seems to be a bit too different.
To our big surprise, we keep hearing people telling us: "I don't really know how to use it in a game"...

Raging Heroes is still a young company and we have to make sure most releases achieves a reasonable amount of sales, or else we won't have the funds to make the next one :-(
Because of this we've had to put on the back-burner projects that were somehow a bit too daring, different, or big.

We also had to postpone some projects that needed to be cast in resin because we could not find a foundry that would be able to produce the number of items we needed at the level of quality and volume we required. This is settled now as we have an awesome provider.

And so, the ever-dead Akzeltolt may finally rise from the tomb if all goes well!
And we are also slowly working on Wrath

As usual, we are listening, so don't hesitate to leave your comments below...

Edit (2/2/13): We've responded to your comments: Part 1 and Part 2

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