Skaarlys now on pre-order, with 3 outstanding deals!

A few months ago, we promised you that Skaarya the Blood Mistress, leader of the Fantasy Blood Vestals, would get her Science-Fiction counterpart.
Well, here she is, Skaarlys, who's there to make sure the Sci-Fi Blood Vestals (mis)behave!

And you can customize her in several ways, thanks to her four (4!) accessories:
A fan and pistol a pistol for the right hand,
A whip and a sword for the left hand

And as usual, there is a SPECIAL LAUNCH DEAL on the first 100 pre-orders. Not only is her special launch price very low, but because we know that many of you will want several versions of Skaarlys, you can save even more if you buy 2 together! And there's an even better deal for buying 3 together!
This offer won't last, unfortunately, so don't wait too long…

And we want to thank everybody who shared their suggestions for naming Skaarlys.
The winner is D. Karlsson, from the Aland Islands in Finland, who will receive the first Skaarlys we receive from the foundry!

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