20 hours to find a name for Skaryaa SF

January 09, 2013

Edit Dec 12, 2:30AM GMT+1: Meet Skaarlys, now on pre-order with 3 outstanding deals!
And congratulations to D. Karlsson from the Aland Islands in Finland for naming her!!

We are now just about ready to open the pre-orders on the Science-fiction version of Skaryaa.
There were very few details that you wanted us to rework, and the fan option seemed a definite winner.
More on this below.

First off, before we open the pre-orders for this mini, we need to name her.
So we're hoping you'd like to make some suggestions…
But don't dally: you have less than 20 hours to share your suggestions with us (below, in the Comments section).
And just like we did for the Kurganovas and the von Königsmark, if you're the first one to suggest the name that we select, you shall receive the mini as a gift.

To get back to your feedback on the work-in-progess of the sculpt, the main comments were about the whip, which several of you felt was too thick and too plain.
So, first, we added several thorns at the whip's tip to give it a meaner look.

However, the comments about the whip's thickness made us realize that we should talk about the way we have chosen to show our sculpts:
Working with software means that we can output very large images of sculpts that, in the end, are less than a digit tall… So the perception of sizes and proportions gets quite skewed in the process.
If you were able to get close enough to a mini to photograph and show it at the same size as the images we share, you might be in for quite a shock… Details would look all wrong, bodies would feel distorted, and most weapons would appear simply too large to be actually wielded...

And so, while the whip looks quite thick in a large picture, it is actually no thicker than the Vestal Leader's whip, and if we were to make it any thinner, it would break much too easily.
So we only very slightly reduced the whip's thickness because we know that once you have her in your hands, you won't find it too big.
And to see what it looks like once painted, check out James Wappel painting blog, who did a terrific job on her (as well as on other Raging Heroes minis such as the Mantis and the Orc Warmaster), and who's preparing an exciting Kickstarter on painting.

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