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WIP: Science-Fiction version of Skaryaa the Blood Mistress...

December 10, 2012 1 min read

Edit Dec 12, 2:30AM GMT+1: Meet Skaarlys, now on pre-order with 3 outstanding deals!
And congratulations to D. Karlsson from the Aland Islands in Finland for naming her!!

As promised, here is the Science-Fiction version of our already popular Skaryaa the Blood Mistress.

We are in the final stages of this sculpt. We have planned to equip her with 4 weapon variants: a pistol or a fan in the right hand, a sword or a whip in the left hand, so as usual, we welcome you feedback before we're done.
What do you think? How will you use her?

See more girls with swords here.
By the way, if you are a Dark Elf fan, be prepared for a very big announcement, hopefully in the next few weeks…

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