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The Kurganova sisters are now shipping!!!

December 07, 2012 1 min read

After a few unexpected delays at the foundry, the Kurganova sisters are now shipping.
Most pre-orders should be out the door by the end of the week-end. And if you're thinking about getting them, by ordering now, you should get them in time for the Holidays.

You will notice that for the Limited Edition Box Set, we chose to go for a unique packaging: a hand-stamped box with a vintage look.
(It should be said that we stamped so many boxes that we all ended up with blisters!)

We should also mention that, however, this delay has likely pushed back the production of the von Königsmark sisters... We' rather be be safe than sorry, and so we prefer to push back the delivery date from Dec. 15 to Dec 30 :-(
However, that means that they are still available at our special low pre-order pricing!

However, there is plenty of good stuff on the way!
For example, fans of the von Königsmark sisters will be happy to learn that, to answer the many requests we received, we are currently putting finishing touches on a mounted version of Brunhilde, the eldest sister, and mounted versions of Gretchen and Hildegard are likely to follow… Images coming soon...
Don't hesitate to give us your feedback and ideas on this project…

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