Naming and motto contest results for the Fantasy version of the Kurganovas

Edit (Nov. 10): The three von Königsmark sisters and their dog Walter are now available for pre-order!

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As you know, we asked our German-speaking friends to find names and mottos for the Fantasy version of the SF Kurganova sisters, and we received over 85 cool answers! Here are our choices below.
Also, please note that we carefully read all the suggestions regarding design and weapon options. The images below already incorporate some of that, and we'll tell you more about it in details tomorrow.

We are happy to introduce the von Königsmark sisters.
The name was suggested by Jose Jingco from Germany: "This is a very old German noble name which first occurred during the 12th century. "König" is the German word for king, which I think is appropriate to the 3 sisters due to their very majestic appearance."

The youngest sister is Gretchen. This name was suggested by 5 of you (and all for the youngest sister) and was first proposed by Valeriy Ovchinnikov from the Russian Federation, who also told us that "Gretchen" is a German diminutive of "Margareta".

The middle sister is Hildegard. This name was suggested by 7 of you and was first proposed by Bjorn from Germany.
The female name Hildegard is derived from the Old High German words hild (=war or battle) and gard (=protection) and means "protecting battle-maid". - Wikipedia

The eldest sister is Brunhilde. This name was suggested by 5 of you and was first proposed by Johann Bauer from Germany.
Brynhildr (sometimes spelled Brunhild, Brünnhilde, Brynhild) is a shieldmaiden and a valkyrie in Norse mythology. (…)The history of Brynhildr includes fratricide, a long battle between brothers, and dealings with the Huns. - Wikipedia

Special mention: their dog will be called Walter, thanks to a suggestion by Daniel Domke from Germany.

For Gretchen: Den Teufel mit dem Beelzebub austreiben
This motto was suggested by Thomas Pichler from Austria, who gave us this translation: "Basically it means 'Exorcising one devil with another', since Beelzebub is another name for the devil (Teufel), so it plays upon the sci-fi version's motto of the devil sending a woman when he can't make it."

For Hildegard: Die Götter würfeln nicht
This motto was suggested by Daiske Tornier from Germany, who gave us this translation: "The gods do not roll dice; variation of Einsteins quote about his disdain for the inherent randomness of quantum mechanics; I assumed the middle sister is the engineer/sniper of the trio…"
He also wrote: "It is her firm conviction that there is no randomness or uncertainty to either the rules that govern this universe or her unerring aim. Ultimately everything, from the trajectory of a cannon ball to even the ebb and flow of the astral winds, can be calculated and likewise any enemy who finds himself in the sights of her skillfully designed rifle are already dead."

For Brunhilde: Hunde, wollt ihr ewig leben?
This motto was suggested by 6 of you and was first proposed by Falk Kalamorz from Germany, who gave us this translation: "Do you want to live forever, dogs? (famous saying from Friedrich the Great)", who yelled it in the Battle of Kolin to his fleeing soldiers…

Here are some of the mottos that did not win, but that we enjoyed reading:

Niemand soll hier vorbei
None shall pass – from Bruno (France)

Mmh, lecker...
Mmh, delicious... – from Norman (Germany)

Wo habe ich meine Brille?
Where are my glasses? – also from Norman(Germany)

Einmal toten Ketzer zum mitnehmen, bitte!
One dead heretic to go, please! (As you would say it to a waiter in the coffeeshop) – from Mirko (Germany)

Gretchen, Hildegard and Bruhilde von Königsmark are expected be on pre-order tomorrow, at a special launch price reserved for the 100 first buyers.

Furthermore, we will again have a Limited Edition box set, with Walter and a special additional option for Brunhilde…

More tomorrow!!!

Click for larger image of all three sisters.

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