See the masters for Olga Kurganova and Charlie the bulldog

October 30, 2012

The 3D-printed masters for the Science-Fiction Kurganova sisters left our offices this afternoon on the way the foundry!
This means that we are right on schedule. If all goes well, we should receive the casts in about fifteen days, and shipments will begin a cople of days later, as quickly as we can pack and ship them.

Meanwhile, you may want to know that pre-orders are going extremely well: we have pre-sold nearly half of the 1000 Limited Edition boxed sets! It looks like the entire stock could well be exhausted in the first week of availability…

On the other hand, we are just about done with the sculpting of the Fantasy versions of the Kurganova sisters, thanks to all your feedback. We will have a contest for our German-speaking friends to find their names and mottos, more on this within the next 24 hours…

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