Ivanka's younger sister (WIP and contest)

Did you know that Kapitan Ivanka Kurganova had a sister?
And would you believe it, she's nothing but trouble…

We're nearly ready to send her to print, but first thing first: we want your take on her before we're done.
Do you like her? Would you want her? How would you use her?
Any changes you recommend or things you want us to keep?
And would you like some specific weapon options?
Please share your comments below.

Furthermore, this young lady does not have a name yet…
Since the Kurganova sisters are of Slavic descent, we're asking our Eastern European friends to name her and to give here her motto, which will be in Cyrillic characters at the bottom of her coat.
Please fill out the contest form below to send us your suggestions. The winner gets the first cast of the miniature!
(Not from a Slavic country? Don't worry, we'll have other minis for you to name in the near future…)

Edit October 10: Contest is now over. See the results.

PS/ Oh, and guess who would break it up when Ivanka and her sister would fight…?

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