Video of the SF Blood Vestals Masters

The SciFi Blood Vestals masters are currently at the resin and metal foundries, but we had them in our hands for a couple of days and took the opportunity to make a short video (see below) to help you get a better feel for the minis and how they look in real life.

Want to know more? Check out the SF Blood Vestals Troops and Command boxes, still on special low pre-order pricing, only until Oct. 12!

In each box, there are additional weapons so that with the Command and the Troop boxes together, you can make the following combinations:
•  A unit of 9 regular warriors + 1 leader
•  A unit of 8 regular warriors + 1 weapon specialists + 1 leader
•  A unit of 7 regular warriors + 2 weapon specialists + 1 leader
•  A unit of 6 regular warriors + 3 weapon specialists + 1 leader

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