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Detailed feedback on survey results for SF Blood Vestals…

August 14, 2012 3 min read

Edit (August 18):
After carefully re-reading the results of the survey and all your detailed answers, we came up with the following packaging for the SciFi Blood Vestals: two boxes, a bit like we did for the Fantasy Blood Vestals.
•  1 Troop box of 5 warriors with regular equipment and extra bits
•  1 Command box with the unit Leader plus 4 warriors, as well as the necessary equipment to create specialized warriors.

Yes, the SciFi Blood Vestals should have been on pre-order tonight, but it's 6:00 in the morning here and we are still tweaking a few details before presenting them to you in their final form…

They will be available in the next 24 hours or so. Promise!

In the meantime, here is a new render as well as a detailed answer to the many replies we received from you about these ladies. (see below)

Most of the feedback was quite positive and very enthusiastic. It was really great and inspiring for us!

It seems that, from the start, our original vision worked pretty well with what you are looking for. Nonetheless, your feedback was also very instructive and here is were it led us:

Your main request was about the scale and compatibility with other miniatures of other games. We worked hard on this to preserve the elegance and finesse of our Vestals while giving them the bulk and size that would work with the most popular minis on the market.

Because of this, the SciFi Vestals are slightly bigger than our Fantasy Blood Vestals and should fit perfectly with your preferred SciFi games.

Regarding the weapon options, your remarks mostly confirmed what we already had in mind. The option pack that will be available with the unit will help you customize your Vestals in a more specialized way. More on this in our next post.

Some of you asked for very specific sets of options, like a full unit with long swords for example. Unfortunately, we cannot provide this level of customization at this point in time. However, we are exploring the possibilities of adding a "bits" service in our web store, so stay tuned  and, most of all, tell us if you'd be interested in this, and what you'd be looking for…

Regarding armor and clothing, we kept the original asymmetrical, gladiator feel of the armor and the amazon-one-breast-exposed style since nearly everybody seemed to like it. Some of you asked for more armor and some other asked for less to give more sexiness to the deadly ladies, so to balance this, what we did was to keep the original corsets as a light armor and worked really hard on the posing to bring more sexiness to the silhouette of each Vestal.

We felt that swirling long hair laced with deadly hooks would add to the whirlwind of grace and fury they move with. And it seems in accordance with many comments which asked for specific attention to the hair.

Regarding masks and helmets, those who expressed a preference seemed more interested by masks than helmets. So we have some separate masks that you'll be able to apply on the faces, just like Ivanka's gas mask, giving you even more flexibility in customizing your unit.

As many of you asked, we've also added grenades, ammo and pouches around their waist.

Some of you asked for several types of firearms, but it would simply up the price of the unit too much to add more weapons than we already did…

As always, many of you were concerned by the possibility of getting the SciFi Blood Vestals in resin. If this is your case, rejoice, as they will be available in resin or in metal, just like our Mantis.

Finally, many of you sent us some crazy / brilliant / innovative ideas, many of which would have been great to use on this project even if for some reasons (mainly commercial ones) we could not include them. Rest assured that we take your feedback VERY seriously and if some of your vows haven't been met on the Blood Vestals, you might get pleasant surprises in the very near future, and see some of your ideas picked up there.

Once again, many thanks for your support and enthusiasm, it really drives us. If you like Raging Heroes, please spread the word around in your gaming community, online and in real life. Your support makes all the difference for us!!

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