Last chance for input on the SF Blood Vestals

Edit (August 18):
After carefully re-reading the results of the survey and all your detailed answers, we came up with the following packaging for the SciFi Blood Vestals: two boxes, a bit like we did for the Fantasy Blood Vestals.
•  1 Troop box of 5 warriors with regular equipment and extra bits
•  1 Command box with the unit Leader plus 4 warriors, as well as the necessary equipment to create specialized warriors.

We are just a few days away before opening the pre-orders on the Sci-Fi Blood Vestals!
We received a crazy amount of feedback (over 200 of you filled out our survey) and we worked hard to try and incorporate as much as we could in our work. We'll give you more detailed feedback on it in our next blog post.

And now, as we are finishing the final touches (small accessories like grenades and masks), we wanted to give you one last opportunity to take a look at the sculpts before they go into production.

We will most likely open the pre-orders this coming Monday August 13, when we are ready to show you the entire unit and the special weapons and accessories.
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The image below has been prepared to be SFW. Let us know if you want the NSFW ;-)

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