Special Launch Deal on brand-new Preying Mantis unit

We are very proud to announce that our new unit, the Preying Mantis, is now available for pre-order.

Do not miss our Special Pre-Order Offer, available only until the Mantis are in stock and ready to ship!

We have worked hard to provide you with flexibility and the ability to customize them. The Mantis box contains 10 different bodies, 10 arms and 11 heads including a Champion head.
This means over a 1000 possible different combinations.
But there's more! Thanks to a ball-joint assembly system, you are also free to reposition heads and right arms at will.

In addition, a Command Group Accessories' Kit is available, either separately or bundled with the Mantis unit.
It includes an alternative Leader head, a Musician arm holding a violin and a Standard Bearer arm holding a standard.

Thanks to your feedback, we are producing The Preying Mantis as a regular white metal edition, or as a Collector's Edition made of high quality resin. It is fair to mention, however, that due to production limitations, the Collector's Edition will only be available in limited quantities every month.

The Mantis will easily adapt to most 28mm sci-fi and fantasy games. How do you plan to use them?

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