The Mantis are getting nearer

The only available image of our Preying Mantis has quickly been reposted all over the web, generating quite a bit of interest.

Today, we are nearly done with the sculpt of the entire unit and we are able to tell you a bit more about this project.

As we are polishing the sculpts' last details, we thought we should give you a little teaser of what's to come (much more info after this image.)

Following the massive feedback you've sent us on the Blood Vestals, we had several brainstorm sessions to find a way to manufacture customizable minis for the cost of regular ones.

Working with our casting services, we seem to have found an effective solution that is the best balance between modularity and price. (Creating separate parts instantly increases the production costs.)

So the Mantis are made with interchangeable ball joint heads and right arms.
This gives you over a 1000 possible permutations on a box of 10 minis… and this is not even taking into account the fact that you can rotate the arms and heads in many different ways.

On top of this, there will be a Command Group Accessories Kit consisting of
a banner,
a champion head
and a musician arm,
which can be used on any of the Mantis bodies to give you even more customization.

We are still in the process of determining if we are going to make these in resin or metal. As mentioned before, plastic, while great, is not a  viable option for us at the moment as a single mould costs about 10 000 € and we simply cannot invest this kind of money.

We know many of you guys love resin, but the real question is this: would you be OK to pay about 5 Euros more to have your box of 10 minis in resin ?

Please share with us your thoughts on this, as well as on the Mantis themselves.

Your replies teamed up with quotes and test results we're awaiting get early this week will allow us to make a final decision and open pre-orders. Be sure to check our blog as we'll have some special offers for you guys in the first few days.

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