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Heroic Gluttony in Fantasy and SF now on preorder!

January 03, 2012 1 min read

The first of our Seven sins series, Heroic Gluttony is now available for preorder in two different versions, Fantasy and Science-Fiction.
This Heroic (human-sized) version is 60mm tall, 33mm to the eyes, and will serve as a massive hero or general for your Demonic Army.
Note that the Science-Fiction version carries a backpack, tubing and wrist-mounted gun.

Gorge, slice, feast, fight, indulge, eviscerate, sin, disembowel, Gluttony the Devourer will do it all and more…
So do tell us how you're thinking of using this Heroic version…

More SF images. More Fantasy images.

And for those who are wondering where the wings went… They are part of the Legendary (Demon-size) versions, coming February 2012.

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