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Gluttony: the Legendary versions (SF and Fantasy)

December 09, 2011 4 min read


At last, Gluttony is done and ready to go to 3D print.
But before we do so, we wanted to show you the sculpts, provide answers to your comments, and share some info on these minis.
The images here are the Fantasy and the Science-Fiction LEGENDARY versions, that can be used as large Demons.
Please tell us what you think in the comments below.

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And stay tuned as we will upload images of the HEROIC (human-sized) versions over the week-end.

And thanks for all your previous comments. They have helped us revise some aspects of this project.
Here are several more specific answers: 

@Dawfydd: Quite like the idea of the cage on the smaller version, and little touches like that will I feel be a cracking idea across Sins, making each version genuinely unique in some way...
We do indeed try to come up with little ideas (like the cage) that we can "sprinkle" on the models to make them stand out.

@Morgrim: The tentacle wings are a really good and interesting concept.
The tentacle wings came about because I felt that we really needed something unique, and the tentacle wings completed nicely the "I'll catch you and eat you" theme. 

@Custode: The butcher knife is a wonderful combination, but I see maybe a rolling pin!
Rolling pin is great, but we'll save it for the female version of Gluttony. I know some will say "Oh no, a female Gluttony… it will be sooooo gross…". Well yes, that's the point… And having some kind of ogress on the table would be fun, don't you think?

@Gremlin: you should reconsider appearance of his left breast(?). I would prefer less edgy, more fatty.
Although it may not be obvious at first glance, this part is not flesh but a very rough piece of armour.

@ Alpharius: My idea for Sci-Fi is more futuristic armor on his chest and maybe more skulls waving on chains but like I said it’s brilliant …
As you can see, we went for tubings, cybernetic elements and a backpack made with a digestive fluid  tank that Gluttony can spray over his victims. We added cybernetic elements to the chest armour. We did not add more skulls or other details as the mini is already quite busy. We've also added a gun on his right wrist.

@Pawel: just remember to make something with the left hand for the 28 mm version, so that the man he’s holding would be of appropriate size ;)
Yes of course, we have taken care of this scale issue. We're thinking about giving him a closed fist on which could be fitted any kind of gun or other weapon.

@geoff: definitely include the cage backbanner in both sizes.
We tried to make it work with the 28mm version but it was really too big, unbalancing the visual impact of the mini. But we've come up with something else. Images forthcoming this week-end.

@notsoevil + @geoff:
The Legendary version (demon-sized) is currently planned to be about 65 to 70mm up to the eyes, with a total height of 12 to 13cm to the tip of the wings.
The Heroic version is planned to be about 30mm up to the eyes.
What do you think?

@B: Personally I really dislike the foot armor and how it slopes up. Would you be in troubled waters if you did the cloven hoof design at the end of the boot?
You will easily be able to make it as a cloven hoof as the mini will be in resin so this will be an easy conversion.
As it is, it's a very small homage to the brilliant design Adrian Smith did many years ago for the orkish and ogrish characters in the (now defunct) game Chronopia.

@B: The amount of armor you have on there now, and its style, is perfect for both fantasy and sci-fi settings. Maybe if there was a head swap available with a helmeted version?
A head swap was a bit problematic for this miniature, so we went for the tubing on his neck. We didn't want to add any cybernetic visor or other elements on his face because we wanted to preserve his very bestial look. 

@Preston: I think he should have the option to wield a scythe though.
Just when we thought we were done! Well, let us think about this one…

@Solaris: If i can remove the wings to make a slautermaster for my warhammer ogre army i will be happy :)
You will be able to do that, you'll only need a bit of green stuff to fill out the holes where the wings are anchored on his back.

Following are 2 images for the FANTASY version, followed by 2 images for the SCIENCE-FICTION version.
Tell us what you think!

Tell us what you think! And don't forget to check out our blog this week-end when we upload the Heroic (human-sized) version. 

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