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June 05, 2019 1 min read

Well. You thought the Wild Dogs were crazy and wild?
Then you better hold on tight because these brand new Howling Jackals are even meaner.  And we've updated the new RAMPAGE packs with them!

5 new heroines with even more attitude!

Now these new Jailbirds are a serious threat...
And if you didn't get the Wild Dogs yet, now is the perfect timing to get both units with a deal: Wild Dogs + Howling Jackals!

And yes, we've updated the Rampage Packs as well to include the Howling Jackals!

It actually happened: Remember the image we showed you a few days ago of Kimmie Krüsher giving attitude with her power fist? Well that image got stuck in the adult filter of a popular blog! Who knew a metal finger could be so powerful?

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