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June 05, 2019 1 min read

It's not very often that we do a shout out to other Kicksarter projects, but this one is so awesome and we are so excited about it that we couldn't resist!

Meet "Blood Machines". It's a great great Sci-Fi movie direct by the very talented Seth Ickerman, the team behind Carpenter Brut music video "Turbo Killer". Carpenter Brut is one of the very top Synthwave musicians out there and the Seth Ickerman team is a pretty stunning gang of image wizards.

Check out the Turbo Killer music video, it's insane. Then, just imagine this spirit turned into a 50 minutes movie. It's like the perfect 80s science fiction movie tribute with a kickass and epic soundtrack by one of the best artists in the genre. Not to mention jaw-dropping concepts and scenery, I mean, just watch the damn trailer you'll see what we mean: 

They have 2 days left, and of course they've already blow up the initial goal, but they deserve to do more than this. So if you like what they do, don't hesitate to join this epic adventure and support great and independent artists to keep this 80s-epic-out-of-this-world spirit alive!

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