Standard Bearers Eleriel & Alaniel (28mm) now in pre-order

You don't like naked beauties?
You don't like over-the-top minis?
You don't like billowing flags caught in magical winds?
You don't like something that looks really different from the rest?

Then this mini is not for you!

After many many requests, Standard Bearers Eleriel & Alaniel are finally back in a new version.

This unique miniature will make a one-of-a kind standard, great banner or objective marker in your army.
Total height is 11cm.

She will be available around December 15. Pre-orders are now open!

Together with Heroine Asharah and The Musician Moloss & Minion,
they make an out-of-the-ordinary Command Group.

Below you'll find the render of the 3D sculpt, and 2 photos of the master (note the amazing level of details of the ladies' jewellry!).

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