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Moloss and Minion (Musician) - Limited Edition

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Moloss, the cursed warrior, the fallen lover, and Minion,
the evil tyrannical cherub, represent an exceptional Musician that can be
used in an evil army as part of a footmen or a cavalry unit.

The 500-unit Limited Edition in 28mm has only ONE item left.
The 54mm version is currently backordered.


28-mm: White metal, 25x50 mm base.
54-mm: Resin, round carved base.

Shipped with a hand-numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

Assembly Chart: To see how to assemble Moloss and Minion, click here.

Army: The Musician's slave status means that you can include this mini in virtually any evil army: Dark Elves, Undead (Vampire), Chaos, Human, etc.

Class: Moloss and Minion may be regarded as a Warrior or a Creature.

Despite occupying the space of two standard footmen, the Musician has been designed for a footmen unit (see 'Base' for more info), but it can also be used in a cavalry unit.

You can have these two characters fighting as a single creature, or as two independent creatures.

Weapons: Since he is shackled, drugged and down on all fours, you can decide that Moloss has either limited combat abilities, or, despite his chains, that his size makes him an outstanding fighter, with the drugs that he has ingested making him more ferocious in battle. The same goes for Minion, the cherub. Given his small size, you can either consider him as irrelevant in terms of combat, or instead, you may decide that his claws cause heavy damage.

Armour: Again, since the Musician is virtually naked, you can decide that he has minimum armour or declare that Moloss' thick layer of fat provides him with a natural armour.

Base: The 28 mm mini is provided with a 25 x 50 mm rectangular base. It can also be mounted on a 20 x 40 mm base. To build a 20 x 40 base, you can paste two 20 x 20 bases on a small piece of cardboard.

If you include Moloss and Minion in a footmen unit, they occupy the space of two footmen, but only count as one. If they are killed during battle, remove their mini and replace it with a standard footman figure to ensure that you only count one loss in your unit.

"Nobody… knows."

"Don't know I can… think."

"Not dead… yet."

"She… not break me…"

"One day… free!"

The creature shuddered as he felt something soft touch his skin.

Moloss was accustomed to the lash of the barbed wire, to the cut of cold steel blades, to the vicious bite of savage fangs.
But this…
So soft, it was like a trail of fire.
He cringed and tried to escape the velvety touch. His chains clattered but held strong, forcing him to stay put, on all fours.

He was a monstrous mass of flesh, obscene in his naked deformity. And it was hard to imagine that, behind the filthy leather mask that covered his large head, there once had been the face of a most glorious and powerful man.

Did he truly remember?
What had really happened?

Was he her lover, her brother, her king?
All he knew was that he had betrayed her. Betrayed her love or her trust. And this was his eternal punishment.
He had been a hero, a conqueror. And now he was…

The delicate touch made him jump again and her voice rang, joyous and playful:
"I brought your little friend, my dear. It's going to be a glorious day today! And you're going to march by my side!"

The squeaks and snorts coming from the small demented creature made his stomach turn. The Cherub looked like a twisted version of a Cupid angel. Its face was frozen into a nasty pout. From its back, where wings should be, two pairs of long claws sprouted, like limbs from a humongous spider, moving, writhing almost, constantly searching for something to stab. It started to escalate the massive body. Again, the huge man jumped sideways, trying to escape, but, again, the chains rang, holding him fast as Minion heaved itself over his shoulder yoke, reaching the saddle that rested on the man's back.

"The two of you are so cute," said the woman with a giggle.

With all the strength of his chubby little arms, the morbid Cherub raised his two mallets and pounded the big drums latched to the man's sides. A howl of despair escaped from the nearly human throat of Moloss.

It was said that Minion, the cherub, was a reminder of their past love. That every hit of the drums echoed the long-lost sound of their hearts pounding, when the one who used to be a man was together with his mistress. Every beat of the drum, a lost heartbeat of betrayed love.

"Come on now, we fight tonight!"

Walking on all fours, covered with chains and spikes and horns, the evil Cherub towering on his back and drumming the beat to a marching army, the monstrous man came forth from its cell, following the tall silhouette of Asharah, the woman he had once loved.
In his nearly human brain, through the pain and the confusion, thoughts were forming.

"One day… free!"