TGG2 - UPDATE #24 – New Unlocks & Goodies & Sculpts + Upping your Pledge + Growing the Team + 666,666...

So we are back in full swing after a few days of rest. And we have some great news :)

New Unlocks

First, you’ll probably be happy to know that we have a few additional unlocks that we are able to add. And we might even add a few more in the coming weeks. 

As we mentioned in a previous Update, unlocking additional stuff is something we really have to weigh carefully. Just like you, we would like to see all the minis off TGG2 come to life, but we really have to proceed with care. 

But today, as the sculpt schedule is looking good and we have a good momentum going, we feel it is safe to unlock a few more minis and make everyone happy :)

And here they are:

  • Tremata Fantasy (Sisters Fantasy)
  • Asharah SF (Dark Elves SF)
  • Daughters of the Orphanage All-Star Troops go up to 5 instead of 4 (Sisters Fantasy)
  • Daughters of the Crucible All-Star Troops go up to 5 instead of 4 (Sisters SF)

New Sculpts

The sculpting team is hard at work and has been producing some pretty cool stuff. These images are still work-in-progress, and they all need some more touch-ups, but we thought you would want to see them anyway. We also have other sculpts in the works, but they're still at a too early stage to show at the moment.

You’ll notice that we have been mostly focusing on the Freebies. That's because most of you will have them in their rewards list. Therefore, it makes sense to create them first because this way, when you are ready to ask for your first shipment, no matter what you have selected, you'll get a big load of minis right off the bat.

Paypal Option

We received many requests of backers who will get their pay at the end of the month and who would like to increase their pledge at that time. So we are leaving the Paypal (and credit card) option active for an additional short period of time. During that time you will also be able to up your pledge level (to move from Lieutenant to Commander, for example).

If you wish to move to a new Pledge Level, please make sure you do the following: 

  • Use our Paypal page to top the amount you've already pledged (either with your Paypal account or with a credit card and no Paypal account).
  • As you are processing your payment, please use the "message to seller" option to
    1 - tell us you want to move from pledge level 'x' to pledge level 'y'
    2 - give us your Kickstarter email address so that we can track your original kickstarter pledge and make a note on it.
  • You should also send us a Kickstarter message to tell us about your additional payment on Paypal, and if you want to up to another Pledge Level.

Pledge Calculator

Ivo Ilic has kindly updated the Pledge Calculator with the latest unlocks, so if you want to play around with it and see how you can spend your Pledge, here's the link:

Pledge Manager

As a reminder, please note that the Pledge Manager will not open until we have a first wave of pledge rewards ready to ship.

What Are We Up To?

Currently, our biggest task is to recruit more people for the team.

First, right after the end of the TGG2 campaign, we said goodbye to our friend Bruno, who had partnered with us on our communications for over a year. He left for Montreal to fulfil his true destiny as a heavy metal rockstar.

He is currently touring in Canada and will be touring in Europe in May with his band Rusted (onFacebook), an up-and-coming name of the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal (nwothm) along with other Canadian bands like Striker or Skull Fist. If you have the chance to see them live, you are in for a great evening of rock’n roll. And don’t hesitate to buy him a beer after the show, Bruno is the nicest guy you can imagine. Here's the message he wrote us on the day he left:

Bruno, we all wish you the greatest possible rock’n roll life! Have fun and go rock the world!

While he'll probably pitch in from time to time, his departure means that we need to beef up our communications department. If you love the hobby, if you have the qualifications and experience, and if you are interested, drop us a note at

The sculpting team is about to get much bigger too. We are spending the coming weeks recruiting and testing new 3D sculptors.

We are also working on the recruiting of a Sales and Marketing Manager and a Logistics Manager. Then we'll be flying to the USA to meet with our resin foundry and work together on production planning and scheduling. So as you can see the bulk of our work in the next few weeks will be mostly devoted to management and organisation.

Could this be the true face of Raging Heroes?

You may have missed this during the campaign but a funny thing happened. Backer Christopher Kowalski decided to reveal what may just be our true nature...

So for a short while, it was there for everyone to see...

And then, Luke Roberts, another backer, pointed out that not only had we reached a fateful number, but we had also exceeded our funding goal by 2222%. And that there were 44 hours left.

44 hours

Coincidence? I think not. 

But what does it MEAN?????

New Graphic Goodies

And meanwhile, our graphic design team has been working on new graphics, posters, and the likes. We would very much like to get your feedback: do you like them? Would you purchase them, or should we not bother? Also, would you be interested in getting yourself T-shirts, coasters or other goodies based on those designs?

Please do let us know your thoughts :)

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