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TGG2 - UPDATE #23 – $800,000+: This is only the Beginning!

April 09, 2015 2 min read

Our first Kickstarter was insane, and this one has been even more amazing!!!! We were over $300,000 in less than three hours!!!!!!! We topped the previous one and we did it in just 15 days!!!! Once again, thank you for your ongoing and outstanding support!!! #BestBackersEver!

What's next?

We are going now to take some well-earned time off, as the team has been working without any day off for almost two months now... So please don't be concerned our worried if you don't immediately get replies to your emails and messages.

As you probably know, we opened a Paypal option a couple of days ago, and we will be leaving it open until at least the end of the month of April.

As mentioned on the front page, the Pledge Manager will only open when we are ready to send a first batch of miniatures to the foundry, so this will not happen right away.

Once we get back, our first task will be to add new people to the team to make the production process more efficient. We will also take some time to go visit our partner foundries. We haven't had the opportunity to do it before, and this will help us to all better understand each others' work, methods, and needs, and will have a direct positive impact on the production.

We will of course keep you posted on this. As noted in the FAQ at the bottom of the front page, we will publish about one Update every month now that the campaign is over.

We love to hear from you. You can always contact us via the Kickstarter messaging system, our on our Live Chat (it prompts you to leave a message when we're not available), or via email at RagingHeroesTeam@gmail.com.

Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your wonderful support. We are very excited to bring all the TGG2 concepts to your tabletop, and we are grateful that you gave us the opportunity to do so!

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