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July 23, 2021 2 min read

Have you been planning on boosting your Space Dark Elves Army for a little while?

Have you been thinking about starting one for quite some time but something always got in the way?

Have you been waiting patiently for your favourite brand to release amazing Space Dark Elves models?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this release of super exciting space heroines and Skinners is for you! 

Have a look and let’s go on a rampage!

Meet Anakriah the Dissectrix, the fierce Leader of the Void Elves

Killing is effortless and an efficient art for Anakriah

She's dark and twisted in the most gruesome way as she relishes in torturing her victims. 

A true alchemist that can alter victims body parts and shape them at will to later use them as assets on the battlefield.

You may have noticed that Anakriah’s design is based on Sekzahian Moonpain the Dark Elf vampire from our Heroes Infinite 3D Printable Collection: A Dance with Vampires

She was such a hit with our Patrons and we liked her so much that the design team decided to also make her into an exquisite Void Elf! 

And a Lust Elf version will also be available soon…

The Skinners are the most dangerous girls of the Galaxy 

The Skinners are as dark and twisted as their Leader Anakriah

Their main intent is to cause pain and suffering with their wickedly curved blades.

 These faceless warriors cause terror wherever they go.

The Skinners have been one of our best selling units since we’ve launched them. 

But they always felt a little bit frail to us so the design team revamped them to look even better. 

They are now more imposing, while still retaining their deadly elegance. 

At 35 mm high, they are on par with the current market standard size and scale.


The perfect addition to your evil units

Skaarlys was one of our very early models, created in 2011. 

She used to be a metal miniature but she is now available for the first time in resin! 

The new 2021 version is even more fabulous: her outfit and weapons have been reworked and polished for a striking end result. 

She's still customisable and can either carry a fan or a pistol on her right arm and a whip or a sword on her left arm.




Enjoying great deals? 

Anakriah The Dissectrix, Skaarlys and Skinners are all available in a variety of awesome packs so grab a bargain now!

If Fantasy is more to your liking, Dark Elves and Lust Elves versions will be released soon!!! 

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