Manticore / Lamassu: finally shipping

We are very happy and excited to tell you that our foundry has been working round the clock and has cast virtually all pre-orders. The dispatch of pre-orders has already started, with the rest to follow on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Although it has been a fairly long endeavour, we have now established a good process for the future and we will be able to release more resin figures and large kits such as the Manticore in the coming months.

The additional delays of the past few weeks were due to a major technical setback just after we had begun casting the first 20 Manticores. The issues were eventually solved, but it was a bit touch-and-go for quite a few days, and we probably all have a few more grey hair then when we started. However, everything was masterfully resolved by the foundry, and the final casts came out even better.

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