Masters for the Manticore / Lamassu

We've added two photos of the 3D printed master of the Manticore / Lamassu here! Check'em out and tell us what you think!!

Several operations by various suppliers in Europe are required to get our master ready from casting and with all the heavy snowstorms that impaired postal traffic in the entire second half of December in Europe, this master had a long journey to make, being held up several time in airports between Germany, France, Spain, and then to its final destination in the UK. Our master caster eventually received it on December 30th, and immediately went to work on it, but not without first telling us that "the master is excellent, and will produce a truly exceptional model. It is very clean and highly detailed."

So while we did lose about two weeks with the Holidays and the storms, things are moving forward at full tilt. There are quite a few pieces to the model, so many moulds are necessary: the master moulds are programmed to be done this week, and then, onwards to the production moulds.

On our end, pre-orders have been very good. With resin casting a time-consuming operation, we will ship orders in the order in which they were placed, and we will keep you posted on the status of production and shipping. At this point, we expect to start shipping all pre-orders by the 4th week of January. As soon as we have photos of the first casts, we will post them as well.

And remember how we said that the Manticore will be made of high quality, somewhat flexible resin? Well, we weren't kidding! Here's a short video showing a resin wing being abused by rough hands:

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