First pictures of cast Manticore / Lamassu

The Manticore production is moving along quite nicely. As we mentioned earlier, the resin foundry we are working with is setting up a quite innovative workflow which will enable them to produce the Manticore in large quantities in a most efficient fashion. Barring a last-minute issue, we expect the first pre-orders to go out on January 31st. Once we start shipping, our production capacity will be sufficient to ceover the rest of the pre-orders within 5 days.

On the images below, you can see the first two pieces to make it out of the production moulds: the Lamassu head and some of the base elements. We are really happy with what the foundry has achieved.

If you're not quite familiar with resin production, you'll probably be interested to know that although resin has many qualities (high level of details, easy assembly, light weight that allow for outputting larger models, etc.), it is usually a most time-consuming production process.

The moulds are more complex to make than moulds for metal casting, and they need to be replaced frequently.

The fact that our resin caster is in the process of resolving these two challenges means that on top of having great casts of the Manticore, and in sufficient quantities to supply shops around the world, we will be able in the near future to offer you large or quite complex models that could not have been produced in a cost-effective way with metal casting. This is very exciting indeed.

We will definitely continue to produce metal miniatures, but we will probably do more and more large and complex projects like the Manticore in the future.

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