Manticore / Lamassu now available for Pre-order!

December 16, 2010

Pre-order here! Box includes the complete Manticore, a Lamassu Head, a scenic base, and the Dark Elf Kahn-Urkan rider (with separate legs for versatility), all in high-quality resin. Pre-order pricing: 46,90 Euros.

Availability: First or second week of January 2011;

You can also choose to buy the complete Manticore without the Lamassu Head for 42,95 Euros or get only the Lamassu Head (without Manticore) for 6,95 Euros (pre-order pricing).

Also, we felt that the work-in-progress version was a bit too small so we've slightly increased the Manticore's size (see images here for measurements). We have also changed the scale of the Lamassu head which was definitely too small to properly match its preferred rider.

Images here show 3D renders. Actual casts look exactly the same, thanks to the sophisticated 3D printing technology we now use as well as manual touch-ups by a traditional miniature sculptor. Photos of the cast mini will be posted as they become available.

See here for many more images and a video.
Dec. 21 2010 edit : 5 new images added, of Lamassu with Kahn-Urkan

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