TGG2 - UPDATE #14 – Paypal Option is LIVE + OVERLORD Pledge: New Time & Details + more!

OK, guys, we've been doing a lot of work today, and so, we are continuing to stagger the info in several Updates. Here's one now. There will be another one up shortly, on the NEW UPCOMING STRETCH GOALS!!!

Paypal Option is now open!

As promised, and as requested by many, we have now created our Paypal Pledge page, for those who prefer to use Paypal for pledging.

So, pass on the message: the TGG2 Kickstarter Paypal pledging is here:

Bonus Unlocks

If Paypal starts moving well, expect some serious BONUS UNLOCKS on Troops Boxes and All-Star Boxes very soon!

The Overlord Pledge Launches Earlier – Time Changed!

The Overlord Pledge which will be launched in just a few hours: It will be a $2000 Pledge:

OVERLORD BOX (a $3,600 retail value & $200+ of retail value Freebies!): Choose $2,400 worth of any TGG2 minis + get the Digital Artbook + ALL FREEBIES and FREE UPGRADES!

But, we changed the time!!! See the new countdown.  So watch for it: we are launching it Monday at 2:30PM! With Early Bird Deals, too! That's 1:30 P in the UK time, 8:30 AM on the US East Coast, etc. More times around the world.
See our countdown, or share it. 

Vladimir and Tobias vs the Minions

Oh, and by the way, we kind of feel this is how the Minions scatter when Vladimir and Tobias (see Update #13) show up...

Can you think of other links?

New Concepts + Pinterest

Here are new images of concepts in larger size. We are continuing to update our TGG2 Pinterest board as well, where you'll find loads of TGG2 images all in one place to see and share them easily.


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