TGG2 - UPDATE #13 – New Freebies: The Terrible Twos + Add-Ons Coming + Countdown to New Overlord Pledge

April 05, 2015

New Freebies: The Terrible Twos!

So we said you'd get 15 Freebies. Well, we lied. In fact, you'll be getting 16! Because today is double-freebie day!

Meet Vladimir the Virtuous and Tobias the Tenacious, the Sisters' mascots. Vladimir is a little owl-griffin with a twitchy eye, and Tobias is Wolpertinger with a perpetual frown.

It is hard to be small and fluffy and cute when all you want is to be a mighty creature that instills fear and respect in the heart of your enemies.

Vladimir and Tobias ardently wish they could be gigantic beasts who kick ass on the battlefield, and nothing gets them more annoyed than when the Sisters and the Orphans squish and squeeze them and ruffle their feathers and call them cute.

The only way they found to vent their frustration and live their dream of grandeur is to boss the Minions, the small subdued demons who perform the Sisters' lowly tasks.

You can often see gangs of Minions scatter in terror whenever the Terrible Twos appear.

Add-ons Coming

In most Kickstarters, you have the possibility to pledge for Add-ons. They are additional Rewards that you can also pick from. We will give you a detailed list of our Add-ons in another Update later today, which will include webinars and a Connoisseur pack...

Countdown to Overlord Pledge

A New Pledge Level is coming in on Monday!!! The countdown has started! 

Yes! Backers have been asking for new OVERLORD BOX pledge level! This will be the highest we'll have. And as usual, the higher the Pledge Level, the better the deal! 

So watch for it: we are launching it Monday April 6, and to make it even more tempting, it will come with Early Bird Specials too! 

It will launch at 8PM French time, so 7PM on UK time, 2PM on the US East Coast, etc. Moretimes around the world here.  See our countdown, or share it. 

New Concepts + Pinterest

Here are new images of concepts in larger size. We are continuing to update our TGG2 Pinterest board as well, where you'll find loads of TGG2 images all in one place to see and share them easily.

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