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UPDATE #103 – Teaser!

March 19, 2015 5 min read

Freebie Shipment

It's been Grand Packing Central in the office for the past few days! By tomorrow evening, we'll have shipped out the vast majority of the parcels containing the 14 Freebies.

By the way, for those of you who mistakenly did not pick ALL the Freebies, don't worry, we've got your back: you'll be getting them all, as all the parcels containing the full set.

If you are among those who received the first 5 Freebies in an earlier shipment, we will be packing and shipping your remaining 9 Freebies in the beginning of next week.

Order Status

Some of you contacted us because they could not quite remember which TGG minis they had selected.

If you can't remember what your Rewards Selection look like, here's what you can do: just go to www.tggks.com and Sign in. once you're logged in,  go to My Account (on top of the page), and then, on the left-hand side, choose View Order Status, and then click on View Order Details and you will see your Selection.

Shipping Update

As you will recall, pledges from Wave 3 have already begun shipping, and we are now shipping continuously as the remaining models arrive from the foundry. Keep an eye here to see how production is advancing. The foundry is currently working on Artilleries, the Jet-Pack Girls and the CyberZombies. And all the remaining metal Heroines, including Nepharya, are almost in!


Every day, we get new amazing messages and testimonials from backers and retail customer. This is incredibly touching and uplifting for the whole team, and we humbly thank you for your kind words. Here are some recent ones:

"Just unboxed my second lot of TGG minis and they are stunning, I'm very pleased.” – George (email)

"I brought home my beautiful girls today! <3 <3 <3 I know that it's the soloists and the characters that get all the attention, all the photo shares, all the limelight, but I have been waiting my whole gaming life for an army of interesting, elegant, but importantly, varied female soldiers, so for me, TGG was ALL about the troops. I will now be able to fill my troop choices exclusively with RH models, including the special, heavy and sergeant roles." – Dan (Facebook February)

" Having just assembled this model today I will say everything about it is amazing". – Tate Lewis, about Hilda Von Stroheim (Facebook March)

The "TGG2: Darkness and Light" Kickstarter

We've seen on some forums that a few people were concerned about what we wrote in our last Update regarding the fact that we wanted to launch our new Kickstarter now. For example: “You've got money troubles and we'll never see any minis / you're going to grab the money from the new Ks and close down!”.

Well. It looks like our wording in our last Update was clumsier than usual ;)

When we wrote “We need to launch this new Kickstarter now”, it's NOT because we have run out or are presently running out of money! It's because we have a full team of artists who've been working on TGG2 for a while now, and whom we want to retain: good artists are hard to find, and we've got to keep them working on new stuff.

Money-wise, Raging Heroes has never been in a better shape. As you will have noticed, in the previous update, we are expanding and recruiting new members for the team because the demand for the TGG at retail level is constantly growing! Releasing the TGG every month throughout 2015 is way enough to keep the company running healthily, and meeting any unexpected expenses if need be.

Some people have also said that we were going to be using the funds from TGG2 to pay our suppliers and complete TGG1. This is completely FALSE. Funds for our TGG1 suppliers have long been set aside and allocated for all our suppliers, so we are in good financial shape here too.

In fact, what is happening is exactly the opposite. The TGG1 funds have contributed to TGG2: the totality of the design work, + a big chunk of the preparation, sculpting work for a first wave of TGG2.

We are now at a stage where every action we take on one project also supports another one: when, with your backing, we created the TGG KS, we developed a big catalogue of new products. When we started selling a few products at retail last December, it allowed us to secure some extra funds to make it possible to have a bonus shipment wave for the Freebies that is happening right now at no extra charge for you!

So, in a way, the retail customers have gifted you an extra shipping wave. And in the same way, the money for TGG1 allowed us to prepare a bigger Kickstarter for TGG2. And whatever its outcome, the mass of work that has been generated through this is making the company stronger. This will also continue to flow back to you as it will allow us to develop more cool stuff like follow-ups to the JB, IE and KST, as well as games and more.

I guess one could call it a virtuous circle, as every new project reinforces the previous one. And this is also exactly what Kickstarter is about: helping creators get a kickstart on their projects :)

Why only 15 days for the TGG2 KS?

As most Kickstarter are run over a period of one month or more, it has been assumed to be some sort of norm. But when we began planning TGG2, and look at exactly how the TGG1 campaign has run, we saw some opportunities to try new things...

A few days before we launched TGG1, we had a Skype conversation with David Doust, CoolMiniorNot's boss, who said: “Your first Kickstarter is an experience you'll remember all your life”. What he meant by that is that running a Ks is extremely demanding, way beyond what anyone can imagine. Keeping the campaign shorter and trimming all the fat will help us make it a more exciting experience for you as well as keeping the whole Raging Team energized!

Some people are worried that this will result in less funds and less backers. While this might seem logical at first glance, the numbers show that this is not quite the case. The 15 days in the middle of our TGG KS campaign only constituted about 10% of the total. We believe that the excitement of a shorter campaign will make up for it, and will be more fun for everyone! Because, after all, it ain't all about the money!


If you are excited about the TGG2 project, please share the word and use the banners below to use in your forum signature, on your blog, or anywhere else you think would fit. In the next Update, we'll share new avatars as well as non-animated banners.

Also, do go on Facebook and share our posts if you like them. It's a simple step that helps tremendously.

Please link to http://bit.ly/KSnews
Please link to http://bit.ly/KSnews

Liez cette image à http://www.ragingheroes.fr/pages/kickstarter
Liez cette image à http://www.ragingheroes.fr/pages/kickstarter


We thought you should be the first ones to see the first video teaser for the TGG! Enjoy, and if you like it, please do share it everywhere!

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