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TGG Update #102: Very Special News

March 13, 2015 4 min read

In this episode, we give you some good news, we announce the dates of our next Kickstarter, and we make it a BlitzKick!

The Good News

Quick pic of the 14 freebies...
Quick pic of the 14 freebies...

Let's be frank here: we have to do a new Kickstarter now if we want to ensure the future of Raging Heroes. Yet we know that some of you might feel frustrated about this if you haven't received any TGG minis yet. This is the case if you chose to go for our most economical shipment system (get everything once it's ready) to make a better deal, and so you have not yet seen anything.

So we want to give you a gift.
We want you to see that the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy are really happening, and that the minis are great! Watch your mailbox starting next week! We have packed and are about to ship all eligible backers (over 90% of you) your full set of Freebies*.

The full set of Freebies contains 14 minis, a retail value of $185!

We are picking up the packing&shipping cost for this, worth over $11,000...

We hope that you'll love those minis.
We hope this bonus shipment will help you wait for your final shipment.
Maybe this will make you get out your paintbrushes.
Maybe this will make you want to support us again for our new Kickstarter.
No matter what, we value your trust in us and your continuing support, and we are so happy to have you be part of the Raging Heroes adventures.

*NB: You are getting the 14 Freebies if you pledged at Lieutenant Box or above. Also, If you've already received the first 5 Freebies in a previous Wave, you will receive the remaining 9.

New KS special deal for you, our TGG backers

If you choose to support us on our next Kickstarter, please note that there will be anadditional special deal reserved exclusively for our present TGG backers.

So stay tuned for more details, and to make sure you don't miss anything, don't hesitate to  

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The DATE: Our next Kickstarter is launching on MARCH 25!!! With Early Bird pledges, of course!

So here it is: our Dark Elves and our Sisters Kickstarter will run from March 25 to April 8

It is called TGG2: Darkness and Light(follow the link for the latest until we launch).

It will only last 2 weeks! We've nicknamed it the BlitzKick...

It will feature 6 armies:   3 in Fantasy, 3 in Sci-Fi(following army names may still change):


  • 1 - Dark Elves
  • 2 - Lust Elves (a sub-tribe of our regular Dark Elves who have made lust and death their religion)
  • 3 - Sisters of the Orphanage 


  • 4 - Void Elves Hunters
  • 5 - Void Elves Flesh Reapers, (a sub-tribe of our regular Void Elves who have made lust and death their religion)
  • 6 - Sisters of the Eternal Mercy


Just wanted to share some messages from the many we receive and see on the Web:

“The Dark Elves are one of my favourite fantasy races. They are a long time running project and I have collected and partly painted miniatures from different ranges - mostly Grenadier and Games Workshop. But this is the range I am waiting for. One or two years ago I saw and bought the first Blood Vestals from Raging Heroes (the best possible WitchElves ever in my eyes) and they are simply amazing. This new KickStarter will fulfil some of my dreams and I am happy that I saved some money over the last month just for this project. I also backed the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy from Raging Heroes and received the first two waves and the quality of the miniatures and the castings is fantastic. Come on Raging Heroes - I am prepared for this KS - Let the beauties come and take my money.” - Elmar Fischer on Facebook shared Raging Heroes's album (February 28)

"The figures certainly live up to my expectations! the detail is really crisp and I can't wait to paint these girls up :) actually the detail is so fine that I'm a bit nervous of how to paint them without loosing this awesome detail work on these figures."Lauge Andreasen, about his TGG figs (email - January)

"I've just received my order and wanted to say thank you so much for making these mini's, they are so much better in the flesh so to speak than I thought they would be. The poses and details to be found on them are some of the best I've seen in a long time. These are going to be a delight to paint and can't wait for me to get some colour on them. Thank you again for making TGG some of the sweetest models to stride over the battlefield."Bernadette Hugues  (via email - March 3rd)

Well, that's it for now. Don't hesitate to be in touch! You'll be in good company :) Since last week, in response to our query on address changes, we got over 100 messages..  So, whenever you have concerns, questions, comments or kind words, contact us! Use the Kickstarter messaging system, the Live Chat (see details above), or shoot us us an email at

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