Photos of the 54mm casts of Asharah's Command Group

Here are the long awaited pictures of Asharah's Command Group in 54mm.

At this size, the miniatures reach a whole new level of charisma and frankly, we were stunned when we first set our eyes on this XL version of Asharah. It dawned on us that she could be a great addition to a 28mm army as a stunning Demon Princess, or as the great avatar of an evil goddess.

And what about the two sisters slaves, 54mm Eleriel & Alaniel? Despite the complexity of this mini, assembling the two sisters is a snap. And in a painting competition, this gigantic banner (17cm high!) is sure to attract attention from afar.

Same goes for the 54mm version of Moloss & Minion. When we saw Moloss in 54mm, we thought he would make a magnificent beast of burden for a 28 mm evil army. With a minimum of conversion, you can easily equip it with a palanquin to house your army's general, or with a howdah filled with firing soldiers or with magicians, and thereby achieve a foolproof tank. You could also have Minion carry on his shoulders the temple of a Dark God.

Don't dally...
If you are interested in acquiring these 54mm versions, remember that they are part of a limited edition. Furthermore, the complexity of manufacturing these 54mm versions has resulted in many additional costs. This is forcing us to raise the prices of 54mm Asharah, Eleriel & Alaniel, and Moloss & Minion after June 30th.

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