Akzeltolt, Spirit of the Forsaken Sanctuary - WIP (updated)

Our next miniature is a terrifying character, a creature of magic that was buried alive and entombed for centuries. Now, he has broken free of the mighty spells that held him captive and he's about to unleash his wrath upon his enemies.

Here are a several 3D renders of the work-in-progress sculpt. Many details such as accessories and weapons are yet to be added. Once again, we had the talented Ignatius Tan refining Benoit Guerville's original concepts. The sculpt, begun by Benoit, is being finalized by Fausto Gutiérrez López over the next few days.

As always, we're providing multiple options for this character. You will be able to make him a formidable Egyptian-like mummy character, a feathered snake character of Mayan / Aztec descent, or a vulture-ish warrior/sorcerer that could roam any ancient evil necropolis or corrupted temple.

*edit - Many details such as accessories, armor and weapons are yet to be added. Currently, the accessories and weapons include 3 different magical staffs, an Aztec-like sword, an Egyptian-like sword, and an Egyptian-like scythe. We are also not happy with the lizard head as is and will probably come up with another version.

We are most interested in your feedback to make this mini even better.  Please drop us a line in the Comments section below. - /edit*

Akzeltolt is part of our Spirit line. He will be available for pre-order at a low introductory price before the end of the month. Just like Spirit of the Woods Syl-Iriah, you'll be able to choose between the Heroic and Legendary versions.

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