Raging Heroes stocks running low & "3 for 2" special deal ending March 31st!

Only 65 Asharah’s Command Group left!

Asharah has proven to be one popular lady. With all the single 28mm Asharah sold out, the only way to get her for the past few weeks has been by purchasing her Command Group, where she is featured along with her Musician and her Flag Bearer.

That’s a pretty good deal, because when you buy the Command Group, you get three minis for the price of two! But now, we’re running low on those as well… Only 65 full Command Groups are left in 28mm! So don’t miss out! Order yours now!

The Special Deal on 54mm and 28mm Command Groups ends soon!

But that’s not all! With three new minis forthcoming in the next few days (stay tuned!), our Special Deal on Asharah’s Command Group (two minis for the price of three) will expire March 31st at midnight.

This Special Deal is particularly sweet if you wish to acquire the 54mm Command Group. You save 26.90 Euros when you purchase together Asharah, her Flag Bearer and her Musician, all in beautifully detailed 54mm size!

Feedback on the 54mm casts

And what are the 54mm casts like? Well, we’ve been so busy getting the 28mm out that the 54mm minis are just beginning to trickle out. But here’s what one customer had to say about the 54mm Moloss&Minion: “After all the comments about what is a CAD picture on the site and what is an actual model I feel I can safely say that it doesn’t make one jot of difference which version they show. The CAD image and what you actually get are IDENTICAL. So much so in fact that it’s as if you’d reached into your monitor and pulled the model out.”

Here is Asharah with a fresh coat of paint!!!

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