Two different kits for the Lord?

Please note: This miniature is called Khan-Urkan and is now available in two versions: 28mm (hero) or in 54mm (demon).
For each version, you also have a choice of Bat wings or Thorn wings.

Here is a new WIP 3D sculpt image of the Lord Vampire with his bat/demon head.

You’ll see that he is now armed with a double axe and that his left hand is formed into a fist so that he can hold a whip.

We’ve had several conversations with our master caster regarding this project and it is clear that we’ll have to do some slight alterations to the sculpt for cost and castability reasons.

First, the bat head needs to have a slightly modified dentistry so that it can be easier to cast and that you don’t end up gluing the teeth with tweezers.

We are also thinking about the best way to sell this kit. Including all the elven, demonic and vampire accessories in a single kit for such a massive mini might end up upping the cost to significantly. So we are studying the option of proposing two different minis: one vampire / bulky demon and another elven / slender demonic character. In that case we might even be able to give a slender body to the second character.

More on this in the next few days.

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