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Hurry up, we're running out of Asharah…

February 23, 2010 1 min read

With our 28mm minis all available for shipping, we’ve had a rush of orders that have substantially depleted our stocks.

There are now only 8 Asharah minis in 28mm left!!!

We also have less than 90 Command Groups in 28mm (which include Asharah) left.

There are also about 100 single Standard Bearer Eleriel&Alaniel and 100 single Musician Moloss&Minion left.

At this rate, we expect this limited run to be completely sold out to fairly quickly.

We would have notified you earlier about our stock information, but we’ve been taken a bit by surprise with how quickly the numbers changed…

Edit: All customers orders are automatically numbered, and our stock management system is quite efficient, so all orders that have been processed and paid for (and hence, for which you have received an order confirmation) will be fulfilled without any problem. Our stock management system will also prevent orders to be accepted once the stocks are depleted. This means that if you have put in an order and that is has been confirmed, please do not worry, you will be shipped regardless of the stock status on our website.

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