Dark Elven Lord

Please note: This miniature is called Khan-Urkan and is now available in two versions: 28mm (hero) or in 54mm (demon).
For each version, you also have a choice of Bat wings or Thorn wings.

So here is our vampire transformed into a Dark Elf Lord. To tell you the truth, even we really really like this unorthodox 28mm version, we have a bit of a crush on the 54mm version, intended for use as a Dark Elven God of War and Destruction sowing terror and destruction on a 28mm battlefield.

But back to the real world… If your cooler head should prevail, the 28mm version offers you a just slightly less megalomaniac and bloodthirsty character with an exceptional charisma to lead your army as a king or a high-ranking general.

And wait until you see him riding his Manticore… Soon… Soon…

Please note: The image below is a 3D render work-in-progress.

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