Exclusive Avatar VFX and Game interview

Few amongst you may know that we’ve worked for many years in the film, audiovisual and VFX industry, and that we have the honour of being in charge of the Film and Video games (Media & Entertainment) conferences at Imagina (in Monaco). This year, we have decided to invite team members from Avatar the film and Avatar the Game. We’ll have the pleasure to spend a few days with them and attend an exclusive behind-the-scene look at Avatar.

While this is not directly linked to miniatures, we figured many of you probably are Avatar fans and thought it would be nice to share our experience with you and give you the opportunity to post questions that we’ll ask Animation Project Manager Xavier Rang from Ubisoft and Nolan Murtha, Digital Effects Supervisor at Lightstorm Entertainment.

We can’t guarantee that we’ll get answers to all our questions, but we’ll do our very best. Thank you for posting your questions in the comments below before February 4 (your questions won’t show up right away, a moderator approves them once or twice a day to avoir spam and robot entries).

You can also watch below an interview with Nolan Murtha, and a making of where Xavier Rang appears.

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