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The head of the Dark Elf Lord

February 01, 2010 1 min read

Please note: This miniature is called Khan-Urkan and is now available in two versions: 28mm (hero) or in 54mm (demon).
For each version, you also have a choice of Bat wings or Thorn wings.

In our newsletter, we mentioned that Bertrand Benoit was working on the Dark Elf version of our Lord Vampire. unfortunately, scheduling conflicts kept him for finalizing it. And so this head was designed and sculpted by Raging Heroes Art Director Benoit Guerville.

This head will now have to be adapted to the Lord Vampire/Dark Elf torso, and so will be subject to some modifications. As always, these images are 3D sculpts.

In additiobn, we are pleased to tell you that the Lord sculpt is proceeding smoothly, and that the Vampire version should be done by the end of the week!

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