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Update #89: The Pledge Manager: It's happening! Live on the air!

June 13, 2014 5 min read

Act I - Opening  

So yes, it is happening right now. Just in case you missed your personal email invite: ThePledge Manager is live!

The Pledge Manager is what allows you to tell us which minis you want.

Since we launched it, we've had great feedback, which is pretty cool because we worked hard to make it as comprehensive as possible for you. Of course nothing's perfect, but many backers have told us that they quite like it, and we've been able to quickly improve or fix any encountered issues.

There's a very complete FAQ (in English, French and Spanish) that should answer most of your questions.

Please keep in mind that the Pledge Manager will close on June 17th (more on this below).

Photo Shoot of 3D-printed MastersPhoto Shoot of 3D-printed Masters

Act II - A day at the zoo - Have a chat with the TGG mascots!

Visit the Pledge Manager and meet Harry, Jinx and Charlie!

As some of you have already experienced, there's a Live Chat feature in the Pledge Manager. You get fast and efficient answers delivered by our 3 rockstars mascots. And we love this chance to have a direct contact with you, our backers and all get to know each other a little bit more.

Here's a sample of comments you've sent our way over the past few days:

“Harry the Hippo was very helpful. I forgot to add Drusilla and Harry hopped right on it, burping all the way to get her added to my order! So far I can say they have fast quick friendly customer service! And before that I had to ask what shipping to the the US was and Harry chipped right in so I knew how much I could spend. IE Army is going to be rocking!”

“Have to say the webstore style pledge manager and live customer support is the best I've experienced from a KS. Really smooth and easy to use. Very professional :)”

“You guys are amazing. Quick response on the live chat, and problem solved. Keep up the fantastic work!”

“The attitude of RH shows their great professionalism. I'm very satisfied with their customer service, the communication and the problem solving during the postcampaign period has always been positive and fast. Now I just have to wait until these beauties (and Aleksandr) finally arrive to my hands!!”

Guess what's piling up in our stockroom?Guess what's piling up in our stockroom?

Act III – Participation

Over 2/3rds of you have already made your TGG miniatures selection with the Pledge Manager. And quite many of you could not resist going beyond their original pledge and adding a few more!

We're as excited as you probably are to finally see all of this happening and getting close to delivery. If you haven't completed your selection yet, please don't forget to do so within the next few days, since we're closing on June 17th. Spread the word with other backers, and please, if you know personally other TGG backers, drop them a line.

Act IV – Latest Drop Ship Locations

Here are the latest Drop Ship Locations who have officially confirmed their participation.
See the complete list here

• Hobby One: 7 place Saint Séverin, 4500 Huy - Tel: 085 611 333 (added May 8, 2014)

• Rocambole: 36, rue de la clef, 59000 Lille - Tel: 03 20 55 67 01 (added June 11, 2014)

• Goblin Settimo: Via Nicolò Macchiavelli 1/b, 10036 Settimo Torinese (added May 29, 2014)
• Goblin Torino: Via Barbaroux 13/D, 10122 Torino - Tel: 011/56.04.135 (added May 29, 2014) 
• Goblin Bologna: Via Cesare Battisti 3A, 40123 Bologna (added May 29, 2014)

• Goblintrader Zaragoza: Calle Jose Pascasio Escoriaza 11, 50010 Zaragoza - Tel: 976 07 85 70 (added May 13, 2014)
• e-Minis Málaga: Calle Alagón esquina con Calle Alberchen, 3 Málaga, Málaga 29006 - Tel: 952 34 83 79 
(added May 16, 2014)
• Goblintader Rivas: Calle Cuenca 4 (Entrada por C/ Pamplona), 28523 Rivas-Vaciamadrid - Tel: 912 01 95 96 
(added May 13, 2014)
• Goblintrader Aranjuez: Calle Florida 66, 28300 Aranjuez - Tel: 911 81 46 00 
(added May 13, 2014)
• Goblintrader Madrid: Calle Enrique Fuentes 22, 28026 Madrid - Tel: 910 81 08 70 
(added May 13, 2014)
• e-Minis La Línea: Calle Sol 51, La Línea, Cádiz 11300 - Tel: 956 76 63 40 
(added May 16, 2014)
• Kafrelot Wargames Aljovi, S.L.: Calle Font de Bé 14, San Joan Despí, 08970 Barcelona - Tel: 600 79 18 83 
(added May 13, 2014)
• Goblintrader Barcelona: Calle Girona 25, 08010 Barcelona - Tel: 934 12 73 99 
(added May 13, 2014)

United Kingdom
• Warboar Wargaming: 224 High Street, Bromley BR1 1PQ - Tel: 020 3659 3738 (added May 8, 2014)
• Pegasus Hobbies & Games: 9-13 Thomas Square, Monmouth NP25 5ES - Tel: 016 00 71 6191 
(added May 8, 2014)

United States
• Showcase Comics: Granite Run Mall, 1067 W. Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063 - Tel: 610 891 9229 (added May 16, 2014)

Act V - The Pledge Manager closes...

June 17.
This is the deadline to order your minis in the Pledge Manager.

We do understand that some backers may feel more comfortable making their selection with more renders: please be assured that we are doing absolutely everything we can to add more before the close of the Pledge Manager.

With that in mind, we pushed out the last day of the Pledge Manager to June 17. This has the added benefit of having the last 2 days of the Pledge Manager on Monday and Tuesday with a fully-staffed Live Chat.

Please note that this date is firm and will not be moved again. We are strongly committed to show you as many new renders and sculpts as possible before we close, but we can't promise anything specific, since we're also really busy with finishing the entire production of the TGG on one hand, and preparing all the logistics on the other hand, in order to be ready to ship the girls to you all over the globe. But you can expect a new Update with new images before June 17.

Once again we want to thank you for your amazing support and your trust. We sincerely hope you will be delighted when you'll get your miniatures :)

Adding finishing details on a sculptAdding finishing details on a sculpt

Act VI – ... until Shipping Begins!

We will begin sorting and shipping Rewards beginning June 18! Those shipments will include yours, if:
• your Reward Selection only includes First Wave items and nothing else, or
• you chose 'Drop Ship Waves', or
• you chose 'Personal Wave Shipping – 3 Waves'. (Some Personal Wave Shipping – 2 Waves will also be shipped, depending on what's in your selection.)

Of course, many have been wondering when the 2nd and 3rd Wave will ship.
Here's the plan. I do wish to remind you, however, that this a plan and, as such, it is not cast in stone:
• The 2nd Wave is planned for late summer.
• The 3rd Wave is planned to end about two months after that.

We will do everything in our power to speed things up.

Please know that as soon as your 'order' is complete, the plan is to ship it.
We don't intend to wait until all the minis from the 2nd Wave, or all the minis from the 3rd Wave, have arrived, if we don't have to. Since the minis are slotted to arrive to our offices in a steady flown in the same manner, we plan to ship on a fairly continuous basis.

Act VII – 3D Printing

Finally, here are some recent 3D printed masters that have been sent to the foundry:


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